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Why The SB Nation Hall Of Fame Is Awesome*

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*Today's headline was inspired by some Iowegian guy on twitter, who said: (IT'S LIKE HE COULD TELL THE FUTURE OR SOMETHING....)

The SB Nation Hall of Fame is awesome because the SB Nation Hall of Fame has inducted three of our Nebraska nominees - coach Tom Osborne, quarterback Tommie Frazier, and offensive lineman and the greatest center in the history of college football, Dave Rimington.

All three were selected by popular fan vote. Tom Osborne crushed Iowa's Hayden Fry by 36,250 votes, getting 52,857 votes to Fry's 16,607 votes. Bo Schembechler finished third with 229 votes and only 37 people noticed that Jim Tressel was on the poll, apparently voting for him only to see if the web site would explode.

BGHP was quick to complain about the result, stating:

Even before the votes were finally tallied, everyone had dismissed the referendum as a farce after Osborne tallied 42,000 votes between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Central Time early Sunday morning, when quite literally every Nebraska fan ever was asleep. "Obviously it's not a very serious day, not a very serious vote and nobody places any credibility on it," an SB Nation spokesman said on Sunday.

BGHP then went on to list even more excuses about their paltry attempt at cheating voting; including one about the "dial-up modem in Creston being blown up by lightning", the computer in Iowa City being tied up researching the sex lives of invertebrates, and that guy at the bar who screwed everyone up by insisting "Osbourne" was spelled incorrectly.

The internet was saved when Tommie Frazier beat out Drew Brees, Ty Detmer and Steve McNair, with barely any cheating being needed. Frazier received 1158 votes, many of which were real (or at least 252 of them) compared to Brees at 251, Detmer at 243 and McNair at 42.

Greatest college football offensive linemen in the history of the universe Dave Rimington also won easily in a vote that required no, uh, gaming, garnering 190 votes to 49 for Justin Blalock, 18 for Jake Long, and 4 for Jeff Hartings.

At the end of the day, Nebraska placed three into the SB Nation inaugural College Football Hall of Fame, far more than our enemies! GOOD JOB COMRADES! WOhooOO!!!!!!