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Off-Season Reads - July 16th, 2012

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A run-down of sporting stories from this weekend from Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Ellis Johnson talks about Southern Mississippi's tall order against the Cornhuskers, Nebraska athletes honored for hitting the books and Nebraska baseball gets a win against the MLB. Those stories and more found below.

47 days to kickoff!

'N' for 'Nowledge

Huskers Earn NTCA Academic Honors - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Women's bowling continues a record of excellence both at and away from the lanes. Congrats ladies!

Huskers Honored as Distinguished Scholar Award Recipients - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Another great tradition for Nebraska. The DIstinguished Scholar Award recognizes letter-winners with two years of study and a GPA at or above 3.7. (Academic Big-Ten is for such letter winners with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.) I'm impressed. I consider myself a good student and I barely broke 3.7 after four years at Nebraska. Great job to all of our student-athletes!


New Southern Miss coach Ellis Johnson wary of opener at Nebraska |
Seems like the cards are stacked against Southern Mississippi. Still, other than Idaho State I don't see Nebraska sleeping on any of our opponents in our non-conference schedule.

Delany: Big Ten scheduling at 'ground zero' after Pac-12 breakdown -
Sounds like unless they can find another scheduling alliance, a nine game conference slate is inevitable.

More football and other sports after the jump!

Dienhart: Ranking 2012 Big Ten games Part V " Big Ten Network
Dienhart's top 20 for 2012. Our games against Ohio State, UCLA, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State all make the list. 7 out of our 12 games (6 out of 8 conference) in the top 20 of the conference? Who is ready for another physical season? Who am I kidding...FOOTBALL!

Linebacker Roach Has Chip on his Shoulder - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
It's the off-season. Now's the time for unbridled optimism and romantic sentiments of glory.

N-Sider ‘Take Five’ with Prince Amukamara - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
He didn't enjoy watching the Wisconsin game either.

Husker N Side, Seisay Goal: Put Blackshirts Back on the Map (Thanks Rotela1!)
I hope the Blackshirts are as hungry as they sound.

Recruiting: Tre’Vell Dixon no longer committed to Nebraska |
Well, I didn't commit to moving south without visiting either, so I can't blame the kid.

33 yards: Zigging, zagging, scoring

"And then Reynolds, the grenadier of grenadiers, applied the hotfoot with a 33-yard touchdown jaunt that demands microscopic study before it can be believed," The Lincoln Star wrote."

Why don't we write like that any more?

Nebr. vs. Missouri 1950 -- HuskerMax™

Remember that when they call this a basketball game, we are talking about people who have endured Nebrasketball for decades. (Funny enough, Nebraska's last regular season conference championship came in the same year (1950), but we shared it with Kansas and Kansas State.)

(Side note about Wikipedia - the article about Nebrasketball is incredibly detailed for the lack of success we've had on the hardwood. I love Nebraska fans.)

Nebraska's "Mr. Touchdown"; Bobby Reynolds Highlights from 1950 - YouTube
Includes his 33 yard run (2:48 mark according to the uploader).

32 yards: Surviving a Hurricane warning

I like this series. For someone who isn't well-versed in Cornhusker history, I'm constantly impressed with how well documented the game of football is.


Miles trying to make up for lost time with recruits -
You know what I never remember seeing before? Articles about Nebrasketball recruiting. Did things change because Miles is more approachable on the subject? Or did Doc's recruiting nightmares make us far more sensitive to the issue?

Biggs man on campus

Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. Looking forward to seeing what he can do for Nebrasketball in 2013.

99 College Hoops Thoughts, Facts And Predictions For The 2012-13 Season -

For the bounceyhoop fan, a bunch of numbers and trivia about America's Favorite March Sport. (Nebrasketball doesn't merit attention. This is a good thing. Coach Miles can overachieve and get attention later.)


Barnes Joins Husker Wrestling Team - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Head Coach Mark Manning and the Husker wrestling program announced on Tuesday that Micah Barnes has signed a scholarship to compete with the team starting in the 2012-13 season.

Welcome aboard and good luck to you, Mr. Barnes!


Christensen will return to Huskers -

Sounds like a break for Nebraska. Question for baseball people: does this mean that when he graduates, the Marlins maintain rights? Or does he go back into the draft?

Big Ten

Big Ten, Pac-12 pact dissolves; fans lose - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

A little more on this sadness. Sounds like the general feeling on the internet is that some of the schools on the West Coast wasn't too keen on the idea. I think Colorado just didn't want to risk playing us again. (Because that's what they would do and you know it. "HEY THESE GUYS USED TO PLAY EACH OTHER. WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF...")

SCOTT WOLF on COLLEGE SPORTS: Pac-12 commissioner makes Big mistake by dropping commitment - LA Daily News

Seems like the Pac 12 is taking most of the flak for this failure. I'd be amazed if all of the Big Ten teams were on board. Particularly Wisconsin. Why play Arizona or Colorado when you could play Austin Peay?

Impact transfers in the Big Ten - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Names to keep track of. I'm sure we'll all be keeping a close eye on Danny O'Brien. I'll keep tabs on Prater and let y'all know if he becomes eligible.

McKewon: Big Ten rookies aim to follow Wilson’s path -
I'm really interested to see if Zaire Anderson can replicate Lavonte David. I really wouldn't mind another Lavonte David. (A Suh would be nice as well.)

Big Ten: Big Ten officials studying in summer -

5.2 mistakes a game for the Big Ten. Anyone want to take a stab at the Big 12's error rate in 2010?

Hockey City Classic Outdoor Game At Soldier Field Finalized - Bucky's 5th Quarter

So...they couldn't fix the field after hosting U2 and now they're going to build a hockey rink?


The bigger this story gets, the more I lose faith in humanity.

B1G Best Coaching Records - Off Tackle Empire

An interesting statistical comparison of the coaches in the Big Ten by Gookin, a commentor at Off Tackle Empire. Basically, they compared a coach's win percentage at their school to the school's all-time record. Bielema and Dantonio are as good as you'd expect. Pelini is a smidge better than our all-time record and I would anticipate over his career that it won't change much. (Note: due to the variations in coaching tenures of the players on this list, you cannot actually compare team to team. Well, you can but I don't think that's statistically sound.)

Bourbon Meyer & The Coaches Of The Big Ten In Cocktail Form - Land-Grant Holy Land

Ohio State fans' new SB Nation site takes some time out of their schedule to don mixologist hats and turn the Big Ten into a cocktail hour. I'm not sure you should try any of them.

Top Big Ten football games this season | Other Sports | Detroit Free Press |

Wait. We don't play Ohio State during conference play until 2017 after this season? I'm starting to think the (former) Big 12 model is least there we played everyone in the conference in four years. (Of course, then you've got the SEC where you'll play a team in the opposite division once in a decade.)


Ade's Fast Track: From Obscurity to London - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Congrats to both Dagunduro and Maric. (And anyone else liking the optimism surrounding basketball?)

Jordan Larson Proves Impossible is Nothing - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

"Impossible is nothing," Cook said. "Jordan’s journey to London is just like the adidas slogan. For her, impossible really is nothing because she’s done everything humanly possible to achieve her dreams, and she’s a great example of what we teach and believe at Nebraska."

Coach is really good at plugging sponsors there. Or Randy. Probably Randy. Anyways, another perspective on Jordan Larson, Olympian. And apparently Russia has the best professional volleyball league in the world resulting from Russia's push to not be surpassed by China in the Olympics.

2012 Summer Olympic Games Preview - Swimming -

Four years ago, with Phelps chasing Spitz's record and a perfectly symmetrical 12-hour time difference between Beijing and the East Coast, organizers agreed to hold swimming finals in the morning so they could be seen as they happened at night in the U.S. Things are switched back for London, with heats in the morning and finals at night. That means medal swims in the afternoon for most American TV viewers.

Well, that's no fun. How can I get work done knowing the French are going to lose another relay to the Americans?

Phelps, Bolt unlikely to to be as dominant at London –

I think the Olympics are fantastic because every Olympian is given the opportunity to elevate their sport and their home country on an international stage.

Bolt, Phelps bound to be shortchanged at London Olympics - Sports -

Wait. Every bed is only 5' 8" long? Who thought that was a good idea?

Other Stories

Steven M. Sipple: Inspired by Osborne, ex-Husker Simmons back on track (Thanks Section 37!)

Make that forgotten former Husker, or so Simmons sometimes felt — that is, until that day in 2008 when he received an envelope with a red "N." He remembers the enclosed letter.

Dear Ricky,

I know your parents believed in you. I believe in you. Upon your release, if there's anything I can do to help you, feel free to contact me.

Tom Osborne.

Sanderford: Heisman mode fun addition to NCAA game -

None of the game's 16 Heisman winners are Huskers — a disappointment — but you can still exact revenge for Tommie Frazier's Heisman slight by adding Eddie George to your least favorite team and running him into the ground. I did.

Nebraska fans: passive aggressive, maybe.

New Coaches In The SEC: A Handy and Unscientific Guide -

A primer from Spencer Hall at the Mothership on new faces in the SEC. Read up, at least half of them will be notch a win against a Big Ten team this fall. /audible sighing

Honey Badger Don't Care About Your Critiques - From Our Editors -

He gets his steak well-done? My god, he's a monster!

UNL club sports play on during summer months - A & E - Daily Nebraskan

A Cricket Club? I would've looked into that, especially if they set aside time to actually, you know, teach the rules to cricket.


That's all for today. Join me every morning for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below!

Have a great Monday!

-Salt Creek and Stadium