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SBN Hall Of Fame: A Joke With Which We Should No Longer Bother

Woohoo! Get out there and vote for Tommie Frazier to get into the SBN College Football Hall of Fame.

Was that a stirring enough admonishment to get you to go vote for him?


Gee, gosh, I guess I tried.

At this point in SBN HOF voting, Hayden Fry leads Tom Osborne 931 votes to 348. Tommie Frazier's trails both Purdue's Drew Brees and BYU's Ty Detmer.

There's an obvious problem here.

If Tom Osborne loses out to Hayden Fry, and Tommie Frazier loses out to anyone, it kind of makes our attempt (our being SB Nation, not CN) at creating a SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame a joke. It's become more of a joke because the coach voting has become little more than a forum for the head of the SB Nation Iowa site Black Heart Gold Pants to troll Nebraska fans.

I find the trolling irritating in itself, but it's okay when you consider they're just another annoying black and gold team who seem to be overly infatuated with our success over the years. (Troll back at ya!)

It's because of that that I really don't give a damn if you go and vote for Frazier, Osborne, or Dave Rimington, who's most likely to gain entrance because he was that good and because most people don't give a flying shit about offensive linemen.

Is this attitude childish and self-centered?

Yeah, probably.

Is it a good idea?

It's typically not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you, and it will probably be taken as an insult to the guys who agreed to take on the project (and I hope they don't hate me for it), but it's one way I can protest against how this whole thing has been handled.

I was excited about this when it started, and it started because of Tommie Frazier (along with Orlando Pace) being snubbed by the real College Football Hall of Fame, but now it's not worth worrying about.

Hayden Fry a better coach than Osborne? Fry was a good coach who produced a lot of other good coaches, and he's a legend to Iowa fans, but hardly had anywhere near the success of Osborne.

Drew Brees or Ty Detmer better than Frazier? Both good quarterbacks, probably the best at their schools, but I don't need to justify Frazier to anyone.

So, let's move on. Don't bother responding to trolling by BGHP folks, and in responses on this article, let's stay above trolling on Brees or Detmer.