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SB Nation Hall of Fame: Tom Osborne Needs Your Votes!

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The College Football Hall of Fame snubbed Tommie Frazier again this season (along with Ohio State's Orlando Pace), sparking off a series of events that lead to SB Nation's desire to create our own Hall of Fame.

As a member of SB Nation, Corn Nation was asked to select five nominees from the following categories; QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST and Coach. Our five nominees were as follows:

- Quarterback Tommie Frazier

- Offensive lineman (center) Dave Rimington

- Coach Tom Osborne

- Special Teams player Johnny Rodgers

- Defensive Lineman Rich Glover

A SB Nation committee did the first round of selections. They did not choose Tommie Frazier at quarterback, but instead went with Texas' Vince Young. I found this, ah... irritating to put it mildly. I'm not going to debate Young's nomination, it's pointless to do so now, but holy crap, not selecting Tommie Frazier, part of the reason for doing the SBN HOF in the first place, and in the second, selecting a Texas quarterback instead?! The OUTRAGE!

The second round of nominations is up for vote. The second round includes coaching legend Tom Osborne, and that voting process has already started.Osborne is up against Jim Tressel, Bo Schembechler, and Hayden Fry. It's an All-Big Ten special! (Okay, so Osborne didn't coach in the B1G, but humor me, eh, nitpicker?)

Nebraska fans rarely lose online votes, so I hope that you'll all get behind this and spread it across the internet so that we don't lose out on any more nominations.

If you think that Tommie Frazier losing out to Vince Young is an outrage, imagine if Tom Osborne were to lose out to Hayden Fry!


(Be sure to say thanks for us not making you LIKE a Facebook page just so you can vote.)