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Jerry Sandusky Guilty - Can Nebraska Help Penn State Heal?

News tonight from Black Shoe Diaries on the Jerry Sandusky case:

In the past two weeks, Penn Staters everywhere have experienced a range of emotions from terror to anguish, heartache to shock and anger. We can now add, to a far lesser degree, relief.

The is hardly the end of the saga that began so abruptly more than 7 months ago, but perhaps it will serve as something of a catharsis to the Penn State community. The damage done to these young men, and those others who may have suffered at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, can not be undone. However, a predator is behind bars tonight, and the healing process may now begin.

I am not going to pretend to speak for the Nebraska fan base as a whole, but I will speak on behalf of Corn Nation.

Penn State is our designated rival in football. We will play them every year for the rest of our natural lives. Since this story broke the week before Nebraska played Penn State, CN has tried to stand with the community at Penn State in recognition that the horrific acts of one (sigh) human being should not reflect on those of an entire university.

I would like to see Nebraska fans continue in their actions of the week of the Penn State game last year in assisting the Penn State community heal. Remember Ron Brown's prayer before the game. Remember Bo Pelini's speech after the game was over.

Penn State visits Nebraska this year. Keep the conversations civil. Do not troll, whether online or at future tailgates. Do not hold Nittany Lions fans accountable for the actions of a monster. If you think that bringing up Pedobear or some such joke might be funny, think again. It's not. There's nothing really funny about any of this.

That's all I have to say tonight.