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My Favorite Husker Highlight: Tom Osborne Goes For Two? Corey Schlesinger Daggers Miami?

I'm not much of a "Favorite" guy. I've always found it too restrictive. People have favorite foods, favorite movies, music, friends, dogs, hell, you name it and people can reel off their favorite whatevers for just about anything.

Not me. Always figure once you've declared something a 'favorite', that's it, your days of trying new things are over. You're stuck. And it can be dangerous to change your favorite.

Let's say you name your favorite movie. What if something comes out this week and it's the best thing ever made. Are you stuck with your favorite as your favorite? If you change your favorite to the new fabulous thing, have you somehow betrayed your favorite, and all your friends and relatives who would buy you a DVD of that former favorite, thinking "I'll get it for him, it's his favorite...", when really, it's not anymore.

You have to be careful how you handle these things, or you do like I do, and avoid the "favorite" label altogether.

The 90s gave us a ton of highlights all within a span of a few short years.

Samsung has asked us to name our favorite sports highlight. I'm not falling for that. Instead I'll pick a few highlights, and then I'll let you guys pick your favorite if you want. If you don't, I understand.

You're probably a waffler, you know, someone who can't make a decision.