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SB Nation Hall Of Fame Nomination: Quarterback Tommie Frazier

We laugh at Florida's inability to tackle Frazier, but late in the 1995 Orange Bowl, Miami had their problems as well.
We laugh at Florida's inability to tackle Frazier, but late in the 1995 Orange Bowl, Miami had their problems as well.

This May the College Football Hall of Fame selected 14 candidates, none of which were named Tommie Frazier. Like many others, I found it ridiculous that Frazier, one of the most successful quarterbacks in college football history, was not included. I made the comment on twitter that SB Nation should consider creating its own College Football Hall of Fame, and several others agreed.

Heck, why not SB Nation? SB Nation has successfully grown as a sports network, and currently include sites for nearly every major college team, including conference sites, and basketball mid-majors. The content creators on our network are knowledgeable and passionate, sometimes obsessive. We know our teams as well as anyone and if we happen to get something wrong, our fans will let us know about it.

After a lengthy (and possibly violent were it held in person instead of through email) discussion, the SBN College group set the criteria for induction into the SB Nation Hall of Fame as such:

For players or inactive coaches, the nominee should have been out of college for four full years. So the first class would cover 1962 to players and coaches who finished their career by 2007 (bowls of January 2008). The other option for active coaches OR coaches who haven't been inactive for four years is that they were at their current position for at least five seasons. (Position, NOT school.)

Fivve nominees from these 10 categories will be selected by each team: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, and Coach, then by June 26th, we take five of these and present them to the SB Nation commissioner in charge of the Hall of Fame.

Bottom line - we ruled out inclusion of people that no one has ever seen play. I'm sure Red Grange was one of the best players in college football history, but he's now the stuff of legend, not of reality, so we're not going to include him. Old farts are not included.

The first of our selections is easy, but one shouldn't assume that Frazier is automatically included. It's all about making the case. Below is the wording that I will be sending to the SB Nation dude in charge of the selection process for all schools:

Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier is the only player in college football history to be named MVP of three national championship games. Frazier guided the Cornhuskers to two national championships, including the 1995 Nebraska team that is considered by many to be the best team in college football history. Frazier finished his career with a 33-3 record, and set a school record with 5,476 yards of total offense. Frazier finished second in the Heisman Trophy ballot in 1995 (Eddie George, Ohio State) and was selected as a first-team All-American by many outlets. He set records for rushing yards in a bowl game (199), total offense in a bowl game (304 yards), the longest touchdown run in a bowl game (75 yards) and if there were a record for it, the most guys to make tackle fail in a singe play, as shown below:

Question for all y'all, though, for some fun discussion. If Frazier is Nebraska's best quarterback in school history, would you choose Eric Crouch as second? Turner Gill? Heck, maybe even Joe Ganz or Zac Taylor?