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BTN Hosts "Nebraska Day": What Games Would You Have Picked?

Roy Helu - that guy can't catch him!
Roy Helu - that guy can't catch him!

It's Nebraska Day at BTN, with the conference network showing a full day of programming about our beloved Cornhuskers.

Right now they're showing the 2010 Nebraska - Missouri game in which Roy Helu Jr. went crazy, setting a single game rushing record while Ed Cunningham went off on Courtney Osborne for hitting Blaine Gabbert too hard.

Tonight - the 1995 Orange against Miami, which is, I think, the greatest game Tom Osborne ever coached (that's quite a bit of hyperbole right there).

After that, the 1998 Orange Bowl in which Nebraska stomps the crap out of the Tennessee Volunteers - you know, that one where Scott Frost implored people to vote for the Cornhuskers:

"The coaches need to look in the mirror and ask themselves if your job depended on beating Nebraska or Michigan who would you rather play?" quarterback Scott Frost asked. "You watched the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl. Michigan won with a controversial play at the end. We took apart the third-ranked team in the country."

Other programming includes:

2:30 PM - Last year's Nebraska come from behing victory over Ohio State

4:30 PM - N'Side Nebraska Athletics, where I'm sure we'll see how great the facilities are in Lincoln.

5:00 PM - Last year's basketball victory over Indiana

and then those lovely Orange Bowl victories.

Good choices for fun viewing, the Orange Bowl games. 2010 Missouri - Nebraska - not so sure I would have picked that one. Certainly a fun game, but are we ever going to see a game involving the 1983 scoring explosion of Turner Gill, Mike Rozier and Irving Fryar? What about seeing a game from the mid-70s?

If you got to choose the programming on BTN for a day (and got to ignore who owned what rights to what, what games would you have picked and what sports?