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Fanpost Fridays And Other Offseason Dreams

Just trying to build a better community of Husker fans, even during the offseason.
Just trying to build a better community of Husker fans, even during the offseason.

It's Friday!

I bet you were hoping for some really good content to end the week. Well, I had something Cobby planned, but yesterday evening I had some vertigo issues again and did not finish it for this morning. Bottom line - I got nothing interesting today.

That's where you come in. It's been a while since I've blatantly encouraged community members to write fanposts, I guess I've just expected that you guys would do that when you've felt the need. What I've come to find out, however, is that most people feel like they need to have something profound to say.

Being your fearless leader (how the hell did you let that happen, anyway?), I would like to encourage you - don't worry about being profound.

We've had two great fanposts lately, one about Nebraska basketball recruiting, and one about the BigTen as comic book heroes. Both well done, got recs, even though the basketball recruiting one doesn't have any comments because we're all still confused that there's news about basketball recruiting, someone's talking about basketball, and that these are both in a positive light. (Maybe that's what's causing my vertigo issues.)

Fanposts don't need to be THAT good all of the time. It's the offseason. If you have a question about Cornhusker anything, feel free to use the fanpost area to ask it. If you just went to Detroit and were astonished by the number of people downtown who still brandish knives instead of guns and you want to the photos of your "Downtown Detroit" vacation, hey, why the hell not do that?

If you're involved in charity work this summer, your dream is to meet Rex Burkhead someday, or you're spending the entire offseason floating around Lake Texoma in an inner tube naked, feel free to tell us about it. Maybe take it easy on the pictures with that one.

If we start getting more, we'll promote them to the front page for more exposure.

Oh, offseason dreams. Hmmmmm.... I hope this vertigo crap goes completely away so I can concentrate better. I hope my youngest son raises enough money to go to Boy Scout Camp because this is the year I actually planned on going, too. And I hope I get my boat out on the lake since it hasn't been out of my garage for about five years.

See there? Nothing about Nebraska football. That will take care of itself. What you up to?