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Big Ten Baseball Tournament: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Michigan State Spartans - Open Thread

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers meet the Michigan State Spartans in the first round of the 2012 Big Ten tournament this morning. The two teams didn't meet during the regular season, so there are no angles on revenge or keeping Sparty down (although that'd be nice).

The game will be televised live on BTN and streamed on BTN2GO, so I expect lively game thread action as you all stream the game at work and try to keep your overlords from finding out.


Kyle Kubat, Fr., LHP (5-0) vs. Tony Bucciferro, Sr., RHP (5-3)

Kubat came on strong at the end of the season, earning a starting role just before the Indiana series. He has the most strikeouts in a game of any Husker with seven and has a nice low ERA of 2.25. Tony Buccifferro comes in with a ERA of 2.94.

This is a huge game for the Huskers. The Big Ten tourney is a double-elimination tournament, so it will be vitally important for them to win the first game and stay in the winner's bracket. The Spartans will be tough; their road record on the year is 15-8, compared to Nebraska's at 10-7. At neutral sites (the tourney is in Columbus, Ohio), the teams are 5-4 and 4-4, respectively.

Michigan State's pitching is strong, finishing the season atop the conference with a ERA of 3.08. Their offensive is good, too, finishing the regular season batting at .299 (Nebraska - .314).

Join us for today's game as we cheer on our Huskers!!!!