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Nebraska Baseball: Huskers Meet Michigan Wolverines in Last Conference Series of Season

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Nebraska travels to Ann Arbor to take on the Michigan Wolverines in the Big Ten last conference series of the 2012 season. The Huskers will fight to see what seed they'll earn in the Big Ten tournament next week. That's assuming they don't get swept, of course.

The series will run from Thursday through Saturday this week, with the Thursday and Friday games starting at 5:05 pm, and the Saturday game starting at 12:05 pm. None of the games are televised, but will be streamed live on the Big Ten Digital Network (subscription required).

The Huskers are one game behind second place teams Indiana and Penn State, with a one-game lead over Ohio State and a two-game lead over Minnesota. Nebraska is currently tied with Michigan State.

Nebraska needs to win one game to secure a spot in the tourney.

Nebraska (32-20, 12-9 Big Ten) at Michigan (21-32, 7-14 Big Ten)

Thursday - 5:05 PM
Kyle Kubat, Fr., LHP (4-0) vs. Matt Ogden, Fr., RHP (3-3)

Friday - 5:05 PM
Ryan Hander, Jr. RHP (2-0) vs. Brandon Sinnery, Sr., RHP (4-5)

Saturday - 12:05 PM
TBA vs. Ben Ballantine, Jr., RHP (2-3)

This isn't much of a preview, but it is a spot for a game thread. NOW!