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Corn Flakes Relegates The Rose Bowl To HELL

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the mothership to implore y'all to go over and subscribe to the SB Nation Youtube channel. I had it all written and ready to go, but right around then I had a problem while at work that lead to me taking my first ambulance ride and I'd forgotten all about it until I happened to see it amongst my unpublished drafts.

So, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider subscribing to the SB Nation Youtube channel. There you go, I've done my bit.

Oh, except that SB Nation released a new game called Pick 6 - a type of baseball fantasy game where you have limited cash and have to pick the best six baseball players at their position. It's addictive and then you win. There you go. Now I have my bases covered.

My ambulance ride happened after I completely lost control of my balance, suffered from slurred speech, and basically became a blubbering, useless mass.

I know what you're thinking.

Too much gin, right?

I wish that were the case. At the time they diagnosed me with directional somethingdoctorsounding vertigo and sent me home. This was good news, since at the time, I though I was having a stroke. By now I know that it's due to an inner ear problem probably brought on by allergies and not by too much gin.

Unfortunately, I still haven't completely recovered.

It's been about all I can do to get through a day at work and by the time I get home, my brains are fried. Bottom line - until I get my energy and therefore my brains back intact, you're going to be treated to frequent misspellings, rambling incoherency and words and names in a jumble. Maybe it's best to think of it like watching Buzz Bissinger in a debate. Or a Corn Nation game thread during football season without the profanity.

Still, I want to keep y'all up to date and comment on some happenings around the world of college football, so here we go.

They're talking about relegation around SB Nation. Being Nebraskan and therefore most likely violently opposed to soccer, you're probably not familiar with relegation. In a nutshell, relegation is when your team sucks so bad that you're sent down to a minor league and the best teams in that minor league are shuffled into your former position. (I'm familiar with relegation because my kids are involved in competitive soccer. When they're good, a class C3 team moves up to C2. When they're bad, a C2 team moves down to C3, and so on through the classes.)

It's an interesting concept that could be applied to college football if BCS conference were to ally with lower league conferences, such as the Big Ten contracting out to the MAC.

Some Baylor dude was brave enough to look at the Big 12's records over the last 20 years and discover that Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma were the only three teams of that conference that would not have been relegated. I guess Bill Callahan didn't destroy us quite as badly as we'd have thought (remember that bit above about incoherence, please).

College Football Playoffs: No Campus Games, Says Michigan State AD

I hate the Rose Bowl. I hated it before we joined the Big Ten, I hated it last year, and I'm going to hate it even more now. I don't want a college playoff system if it includes the existing bowl system. I don't care about Rose Bowl tradition.

I wanted to see a SEC team play in freezing temperatures in the snow some day before I die. Now it looks like I'm just going to have to live forever. Bastards.

Delany discusses changing bowl landscape - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

In good news, the Big Ten will push for seven wins for bowl eligibility. In bad news, they're still thinking about bowls the same way they've always thought about them:

"When you have three bowls in Florida and you're a school that is constantly in that range for selection, your fan base could end up, in a five-year period, four times in the state of Florida," Delany said. "So does that depress the interest?
Again, sometimes less is more. Is there a way to give them a taste of Florida and Phoenix and Texas and other places in California? We want to have the fan base excited about going, about who they're playing and about where they're playing.?

What we've got here is the same old thinking that's existed for the past 100 years. Let's go south and west and warm for bowl games and then wonder why we never win a national title. Let's not bother kidding ourselves that we belong in the same league as the SEC.

It is impossible to think about imaginative ways to create an attractive bowl site at a northern-based location with a domed stadium when the conference is run by old men who want to take free vacations in warm locations.

When Mike wrote his article about the Big Ten's Rose Bowl obsession, it earned a link and some comments at mgoblog which consisted of the same old crap from Michigan fans about 1997 and the comment: Nebraskans are confused, understandably.

Nebraskans aren't confused. We want to win another national title. If anyone is confused, it's Big Ten fans that still delude themselves about the importance of the Rose Bowl - those of the same conference who didn't win a national title from 1948 to 1997, you know, that one they shared with us after being gifted it by a media desperate to sell more commemorative gear.

Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer & Staff Reveal New Tradition - Land-Grant Holy Land

At a Town Hall Meeting with students at the Ohio Union Tuesday evening, Coach Urban Meyer and his assistant unveiled the new High Energy Drill, expected to be done in the south end of the stadium after warmups before each home football game.

Thank God they have the whole offseason to practice this. (Or - "What? No Double Dream Hands?")

Chris Brown of Smart Football has released a book!

That's kind of cool. Only $9.99 and 154 pages, hell, even people from Ohio State could finish that during the offseason. (I can't take all those shots at Michigan without getting some in at the Buckeyes and still be considered unbiased, could I?)

And last, certainly not least, your moment of zen (I guess, lacking creativity). This is a munny that my oldest created, and I continually wonder if I should use it as a representation of Jim Delany, a BCS official, bowl representative, or all of the above. Your feedback is welcome.

BCS College Bowl Offical
It's certainly representative of the current state of politics in college football. Exactly what? You decide and tell me.