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What's Eating Bo Pelini?

If you've been feeling like there's something missing this spring (other than Nebraska football not having a lot of national buzz), you're not alone.

What's missing can be answered with a simple question - What's eating Bo Pelini?

In a word: NOTHING.


Watch this video after yesterday's practice.

Notice that? He's congenial. He's calm. He lets the reporters ask their questions without interrupting them and without that angry Pelini glare.

Then at the end he gives them a nice, "Thanks Guys" and it's over. It's been that way the entire spring.

Maybe he's settled into the job. Maybe he's comfortable with his team and the team is giving 110% every day. Maybe it's because his brother Carl left (and you know how annoying family members can be when you're around them all the time).

It's made for a hideous, boring spring - another spring full of repetitive feel-good stories about this player or that and how much better the team will be this season because

All we can hope is that Pelini is simply baiting everyone into a false sense of complacency.

It's all calm, calm, calm then SNAP!

He rips the Dirkster's head clean off his body during a media session next Wednesday, leaving Nebraska's crack PR team to repair the damage with Gorilla Glue before anyone notices.

Where that to happen, I know I'd feel a lot better about the coming season.