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Nebraska's Brandon Kinnie, Jermarcus Hardrick, And Terrence Moore Selected as NFL Undrafted Free Agents

Soon after the NFL Draft ended last night, several former Husker players were pleased to announce on twitter that they would get their shot at the big time by joining teams as undrafted free agents.

Brandon Kinnie will get his shot with Kansas City Chiefs:

Terrence Moore got picked up by the Baltimore Ravens:

And Jermarcus Hardrick got picked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

They all get their shot, their opportunity, to make a team.

I'd like to think that all three of them are decent enough to make a team, but honestly, Kinnie has to cure his dropsie problem and Yoshi needs to get a quicker first step. I can see Hardrick making the cut at guard, but as a tackle he was beaten by South Carolina's Melvin Ingram in the Capital One Bowl, and Ingram is the kind of guy he'll face every down in the NFL.

We wish them the best of luck at making it at the next level!