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Nebraska's Jared Crick Drafted By NFL's Houston Texans

Jared Crick from Cozad, Nebraska. Kill them in the NFL, big guy!
Jared Crick from Cozad, Nebraska. Kill them in the NFL, big guy!

Nebraska defensive tackle Jared Crick was drafted by the Houston Texans as the 126th selection, the 31st pick in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Most Husker fans want to know - Why did Crick drop so far?

First, the arm injury. Defensive linemen need to shed blocks - which really means using their arms to keep bad men away from them.

Second, the Ndamukong Suh conundrum.

Don't kid yourself you don't know what that means. It goes like this:

Annoying Guy 1 - Jared Crick was only good because Ndamukong Suh drew all the blockers. He was triple-teamed alla the time!

Annoying Guy 2 - But Crick set a school record of five sacks in a single game against Baylor in 2009.

Annoying Guy 1 - That's only because Ndamukong Suh was on the same team.

Annoy Guy 1 - ....

Third - He's smallish. Seriously, for the NFL as a defensive lineman, Crick is kind of not fat enough. He needs to be at least 3000 pounds to play nose tackle in the NFL's 3-4, or only 2990 pounds if they're running a 4-3.

At around 290 pounds, he just might be a 3-4 defensive end.

Houston Texan fans are very happy about the selection. As in, really really happy.