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One Big Bomb To Get Them All At Once - Or Kill Them Individually?
One Big Bomb To Get Them All At Once - Or Kill Them Individually?

The 2012 NFL Draft is upon us! WOohoooOOoo!

Mel Kiper. Jon Gruden. Chris Berman. Rich Eisen. Marshall Faulk. Mike Mayock. Steve Mariucci. Michael Irvin. Suzy Kolber.

Those are the hosts, the lists of talking heads you'll be hearing from as the NFL tries to create some suspense as to which college player gets their name called and in what order.

Honestly, I'm interested to see who goes where and what and all that, but if I were stuck on a cruise ship with all these sunsabitches I'd kill every last one of them in as heinous a way as possible. Okay, maybe not Suzy Kolber, but the rest can make me homicidal faster than any of my relatives, spouse included.

THAT'S THE QUESTION FOR TONIGHT'S OPEN THREAD - If You Were Stuck With The Talking Heads Of The NFL Draft, whom would you allow to live? Whom would die, and in what heinous way would you kill them?

So - if you're up for watching the 2012 NFL Draft OR you'd like to share with us how you'd kill off your favorite (NOT) NFL talking head, please feel free to join us.