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Tom Osborne Fires Nebraska Head Basketball Coach Doc Sadler - There Is No Rejoicing Throughout The Land

Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne fired head basketball coach Doc Sadler this afternoon, stating that despite injuries, switching conferences and a difficult schedule......

"Unfortunately, I feel the program has lost momentum which makes recruiting and fan support more problematic, thus the change.

Osborne stated that he felt like Sadler was a good friend, a good coach, and a great representative of the University of Nebraska. He also stated that firing Sadler was one of the more difficult decisions he's had to make in his life.

Videos of Tom Osborne and Doc Sadler are after the jump. It was apparent that the decision took its toll on both men. Sadler's video shows a man who's a little surprised at Osborne's decision, who's clearly disappointed but at the same time had the class and guts to stand up and talk about it.

Normally you'd like to feel all sorts of "YEAH, MAYBE WE SHOULD HANG HIM TOO!" but in this case, it's just sad. It's not just because of Sadler's emotions at the realization that he's failed at Nebraska, but that Sadler is a pretty good dude, and it's never a happy day when pretty good dude's failed and get fired.

From those of us at CN, we'd like to wish you the best, Doc Sadler, in whatever you may do.