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Corn Flakes - Remembering Peyton Manning And A Stupid Thief

I remember Peyton Manning. I do. I remember hearing all about him, and what a wonderful guy he was as Nebraska went into the 1998 Orange Bowl. It was "Peyton Manning" this and "Peyton Manning" that, and then the game happened.

It featured a squishing of the Vols, Ahman Green running for 206 yards on 29 attempts, while Manning was held to 21-for-31 and a measly pitiful 134 yards, one interception and one touchdown.

Earlier today Peyton Manning was released by the Colts. It was sad. Not as sad as getting pounded 42-17 by a national championship caliber Nebraska squad (screw you Michigan), but sad. Peyton got his revenge, but his record against Nebraska stands at winless.

After the jump is a set of mostly meaningless, random articles.

NU announces Terry Joseph hire
Nebraska officially announced the hire of Terry Joseph as its new secondary coach on Wednesday, not that we haven't already read 35,234 words about the guy before he was actually hired.

Lunch with Bo: Spring football game to be televised on BTN

When asked about the possibility of televising the spring game Pelini deferred to Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Keith Mann, who said there would be an announcement from the Big Ten Network in the near future.

Are you excited about this? If it's on BTN, will you still go? Should I have some gin & tonics and a game thread while it's on?

If "Yes" is all you can say, I may have more questions for you.


From Husker Max - Former Husker great Trev Alberts will be the featured speaker at our Fifth Annual Husker Fans Salute The Troops brunch, Sunday morning, October 21st, at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln.

Can Nebraska return to its dominant 'Blackshirt' form? | National Football Post

New defensive coordinator John Papuchis certainly has his work cut out for him with defensive tackle Jared Crick, linebacker Lavonte David and cornerback Alfonzo Dennard gone. But the defense still returns a lot of experience, especially in the secondary, where starters Daimion Stafford, Andrew Green and Ciante Evans are back. In addition, as many as seven fifth-year seniors could have prominent roles, including linebackers Will Compton, Alonzo Whaley and Sean Fisher.

You're bristling at the mention of Ciante Evans, aren't you? Funny, they don't mention anyone on the defensive line. Given all the injuries this spring, they won't be mentioning them in the fall either.

Shatel: Push for leadership starts with players

When Pelini said at the bowl game that he can't execute for the players, some of us acted mortified. But the fact is, he's right. At some point, the players have to clean up the penalties and turnovers. The players have to police themselves in the locker room, on the field, in the trenches.

Two things here: - First of all, the players on this year's Nebraska team do have to be accountable to themselves and their teammates. They're a team, after all, and Pelini is correct in saying that he can't execute for them. There's a fair amount of talk about chemistry, but as the saying goes "Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey".

Second - The OWH has instituted a paywall. I typically haven't linked to them all that much, but given the paywall, it'll most likely be less. I do think the paywall is a good idea for newspapers, people should pay to access their news online even if it's not that much. We need mainstream journalism to survive.

Did I just contradict myself? No. My problem is this, specifically. If we're going to link to these guys, and other sites (it's not as if the OWH will be the only one), I'm not paying for a subscription to all of them in order to do so. If they want to offer me a free account, I'll consider it. If not, well, the hell with them. Like you, I'll probably be pretty selective as to where I get my Husker news. Maybe less of them will survive. I guess if you're between a rock and a hard place, you have to do something, right?

OTE's Best B1G College Town Round 1: The College Town Underdogs

Will one Town pull the unthinkable and go on to the second round? Find out in Off Tackle Empire's Round 1 of Best B1G Campus Towns.

Lincoln beat out Evanston in the first round, but next up is Ann Arbor. They're not doing this by vote, either, which is kind of odd.

In Love in Love | Campaign for Nebraska

Jozetta Helfrich met the love of her life at Love Library. It was a July day in 1939. Jozetta was working as a student assistant behind the circulation desk when her supervisor informed her that a young man nearby surely must have a crush on her.

Campaign for Nebraska wants you to support UNL's libraries, so they're having a contest or something about falling in love at the Library. I did not fall in love at the library. In fact, I rarely went to the library, unless maybe you're talking about the engineering library, but there wasn't much to love there.

Maybe you have a good story about falling in love at Love. If so, share it. I just hope it doesn't involve foot-tapping.

Husker Championship Memorabilia Stolen from UNL Employee - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;

Bill Shepard was the Grounds Director for the University of Nebraska's Athletic Department for more than 50 years. Yesterday, someone stole some of his most prized possessions, including Nebraska championship and bowl rings, 14 gold watches, some guns and a set of binoculars.

Arrest made after rings stolen from longtime NU groundskeeper

And then today one of the thieves got arrested (I am assuming there are more). You know why? Because they're stupid. Probably lazy, too.

Nothing says stupid AND lazy like being caught with easily identifiable stolen goods. It also says you didn't have a plan. I get that if you happen to stumble upon a whole bunch of gold watches and rings that you want to take them and congratulate yourself on your good fortune, but then you get rid of the guns and don't get rid of the rings that have your victim's name engraved on them?

Maybe the thief, identified as Terique Jackson, was just trying to improve his sneak and pickpocket skills, 'cause they clearly suck. He should have stuck to stealing cash from an old blind and deaf woman who sleeps 23 hours a day.

BTT Prediction Contest - BT Powerhouse

Big Ten Tournament Prediction Contest: Pick some winners to prove that you are smarter than everyone else. YOU CAN WIN A PRIZE!