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Miles Starts Reshaping Program by Doing a "Chin" Up.

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Shortly after the reality of Tim Miles to Nebraska set in, Nebraska media members and fans alike began looking around for as much information as they could about this guy. Who is he? Why did we choose him? What’s his résumé? Well, most people didn’t find much, at least not anything that was overly exciting. In fact, most found out that he was relatively unknown and had done it all in relative obscurity. But in short order, as people began to look at his coaches on his staff at Colorado State and found something interesting. In fact, some even thought it could salvage the somewhat uninspired hire.

On his staff, he had hired before last season a man by the name of Ronald "Chin" Coleman. As it turns out, he’s the former head coach of one of the highest profile AAU programs in Chicago, Mac Irvine Fire which has developed some of the best players in Illinois while he was there including four McDonalds All-Americans. That’s not the sort of thing Nebraskan’s are used to seeing connected to their basketball program. Naturally, Nebrasketball fans assumed the was no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks he would end up here. He has to be a shoe-in to take over for Miles at CSU, right?

In Saturday’s press conference, Miles was asked about who his assistants would be. "I haven’t made any decisions of any kind on that."

Ok. So, again, he was asked about his staff, and more specifically about Mr. Coleman. Miles tried to play coy, saying, "I’ve thought a lot about my staff, I’m just not telling you"

But he let this slip "Have you ever met him? He’s a blast. He’s a great guy, we just have to work it out."

At this point, Nebrasketball fans ears have perked up like a dog who hears something interesting, yet unfamiliar with their head at full attention, cockeyed staring at the TV. Wait, we could get this guy too? Good things don’t happen like this for Nebraska hoops. We haven’t had connections like this in a long time, maybe ever, but yet, he wasn’t actually here yet.

Well now, Nebraska fans, you can celebrate in the streets. Flood O St. Storm 72nd and Dodge. Climb the Kearney Arch, Coleman is coming to Lincoln. The first piece of Tim Miles’ coaching staff is in place. Yes, Chin and his recruiting connections will be coming to Lincoln. Miles confirmed on his first radio show on the Husker Sports Network that Chin was, in fact, "N". "Ron is with us. He was a successful high school coach. He’s got great high school connections." Cue "Celebrate!". Launch the confetti!

When asked if he would be in consideration for the CSU job Miles quipped "He signed the paperwork today, so they’ll have to buy him out." Music to Husker fans ears.

Other notes:

* Miles also announced that he has hired Jayden Olsen as director of operations. He coached at Augustana College in Sioux Falls and is a North Dakota native. So, we should have the Dakotas covered, you never know when those connections will come in handy. Piatkowski did come from there, you know.

* Miles said he has two more spots to fill on his staff. Don't expect those to be filled before the Final Four this weekend. Final Four weekend is typically used by coaches to have discussions with other coaches and find out what and who might be available. Miles intimated on the radio show that he would be heading down there, expect to hear more in the week or two following the championship is completed.

* Miles also said he has been watching game tape to get familiar with what he’s got and met with the players on the team today and will begin working them out to find out what he’s got on the roster.