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Spring Practice Storylines After One Week

Most of the stories that come out of spring practice are usually the same: the team is bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. Nobody has been working harder. Pardon me, but sometimes it comes across like "yadda, yadda, yadda." But that's the way spring practice goes: it's practice and very few people outside the program see what's actually happening. But even so, sometimes in the process of giving us the bigger, faster, stronger, better storyline, somebody decides to clear the air about the past.

Last week, we learned that Brion Carnes has been spending a lot of time in this offseason watching video. And we get the backstory about why Carnes didn't play much last season:

"The reason why I didn’t get that much game play last year was because I wasn’t knowledgeable of the game experience," Carnes said. "I didn’t really know much about reading coverages, blitzes. ... I understand what (the coaches) did. They were just doing what was best for me."

Kind of makes one local sportswriter look pretty stupid, huh? OK, so even Carnes admits he wasn't ready to play last season. What does all this mean? Still not much at this point. We need to see more from Carnes in the spring and in the fall. It's unlikely that Carnes is going to beat out Taylor Martinez, a two-year starter... but if Carnes can be ready to play this fall, it might allow offensive coordinator Tim Beck to let Martinez run the ball a little more.

Alonzo Whaley to replace Lavonte David? Well, that's the way it sort-of looks in March. But there's a whole lot of football out there. Don't count out Whaley; remember that he did start the first game in 2010. From there, he spun downward on the depth chart and eventually lost his scholarship briefly. Even didn't get invited to be on the 105 man preseason roster. But he battled back and earned a Blackshirt late in the season. For what it's worth, my money is still on David Santos by the time we get to September.

New secondary coach Terry Joseph may not be 100% versed on the Huskers scheme; he's still learning himself after only being on the job for a week before spring practice began. But he's taking charge, and demanding that his players play his way. What does that mean? Again, it's all talk right now. But the secondary play was a problem last year, so a fresh approach is welcome in my opinion. At least he's now talking down his players, like his predecessor did. That being said, Joseph has been busy on the recruiting front. It's still early, but I still think Joseph is an upgrade for the coaching staff.

Players will have this week off for spring break; the next practice will be on March 26th. It really heats up from there with 11 practices between now and the spring game on April 14th.