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2012 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament And Huskers vs La Tech: Open Thread

Do we have college football content? Yes, we do, but we're going to make you wait until next week.

Oh wait, no we're not. Here's some college football content for you.

Maybe you knew (or maybe not) that SB Nation has started our own video channel on YouTube. One of the regular features is "Shutdown Fullback" featuring Spencer Hall of EDSBS and some other guy I don't know very well. (Okay, I don't know him at all).

Take a look at SB Nation channel on Youtube, and let me know if you like what you see. Not that I will make a damned bit of difference, but I'd like to know.

Unlike those Shutdown Fullback guys, I know something about basketball. I know that there wasn't enough chaos yesterday. I didn't see any crowd shots of anyone crying. That makes me angry. I hope today makes up for it. Clearly, we need more posting of memes for basketball juju against top programs since we don't have one.

This is your open thread for today's basketball games and Husker baseball vs Louisiana Tech in which we should kill them worse than we did yesterday.