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Husker Gamethread: Minnesota at Nebraska

Tipoff: 12 pm CST - Location: Bob Devaney Sports Center - Lincoln, NE

Television: Big Ten Network

Live Stats and Internet Radio:

Radio: IMG Husker Sports Network | KLIN 1400 in Lincoln - KFAB 1110 in Omaha - KRVN 880 in Lexington

Play by play - Kent Pavelka Color - Matt Davison

Question of the day: Is Nebraska actually a good defensive team, as they've been labeled?

This question has been bouncing around in my head all season, and you have to wonder after Thursday's loss at Northwestern. Nebraska looked silly, as they continuously opened allowed Wildcat players to get near the rim and take open shots. Conversely, Nebraska was harassed 30 feet from the basket almost all game, and it showed in the final results. So have we seen a decline in Doc's system? What's the deal? Playing soft isn't going to win many games in the Big Ten this season, and Nebraska is now faced with an almost impossible task of winning enough games to qualify for post-season play.

Minnesota comes in at 16-7, and 4-6 in the league, and could be considered a legitimate "bubble" team at this point in the season. The Gophers are averaging about 69 points per game, and are coming off a pretty bad loss to Iowa. Minnesota has defeated their share of tough teams, including Indiana as well as Northwestern - by 23.

Hard to tell how this game will go today. With the possible exception of Penn State, every team in the B1G is capable of beating anyone else. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason to why certain teams are winning or losing, and the only real constant has been the Buckeyes, who look like they could make a run at the National Title.

Nebraska is against the wall, and Doc Sadler is running out of time on the season. He needs this win in the worst way, and the fans need something to hang on to. Jump on and tune into the BTN for some Husker basketball on Super Sunday!