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Nebraska Women's Basketball - In Photos

What's that you say? Nebraska has a women's basketball team that's pretty good, but you really don't know all that much about them?

Thanks to Dennis Hubbard's photography, like always, CN is here to help!!!! Here's some great shots of your women's basketball team, along with some facts about the players. If you're not already on this bandwagon, get on before they head to the Big Ten tourney!

 Huskers Lindsey Moore
Junior guard Lindsey Moore - team leader. Be honest, after that one girl left, you know, that one that was phenomenal and lead us to a Big 12 championship in 2010, you probably thought Nebraska women's basketball would fall off the map, right?
Huskers Kaitlyn Burke
Senior guard Kaitlyn Burke, who came to Nebraska from Vancouver. That's in Canada. Beautiful place - you should visit there some time.
Huskers Jordan Hooper
Sophomore forward Jordan Hooper.
Huskers Meghin Williams
Junior forward Meghin Williams. She's from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Never been there.
Huskers Meghin Williams Rebecca Woodbury
Redshirt freshman guard Rebecca Woodbury and Meghin Williams. Woodbury is from Phoenix.
Huskers Lindsey Moore
Gorgeous shot of Lindsey Moore vs Michigan
Huskers Emily Cady
Freshman forward Emily Cady vs Michigan. Cady is from Seward, Nebraska.
Huskers Tear'a Laudermill
Tear'a Laudermill vs Michigan. Laudermill is a freshman guard from Riverside, CA.
Huskers Katie Simon
Redshirt freshman guard Katie Simon vs Michigan. Simon is from Roseville, CA.
Huskers Emily Cady
Emily Cady against Ohio State.
Cady lead the Huskers with 24 points against the #8 Buckeyes.
Huskers Brandi Jeffery
Brandi Jeffery against Ohio State. Jeffery is a freshman from Vacherie, LA.
Huskers Kaitlyn Burke
Kaitlyn Burke against Ohio State. The win over the Buckeyes was ample revenge for a 82-68 earlier this season in Columbus.
Huskers Emily Cady
Is there such a thing as too much Emily Cady?
I say no.
Huskers Lil Red
Lil Red as I imagine many of you would prefer to see him, except maybe in a dumpster?