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Infinite Monkeys To Spend 2012 Nebraska Off Season Writing Taylor Martinez Stories

Infinite Monkeys Taylor Martinez
Infinite Monkeys Taylor Martinez

We couldn't help but notice a consistent theme lately to Nebraska's offseason storyline recently. Many Taylor Martinez stories are being written and by our way of thinking way too many to have all been done by humans.

"Ha, so you noticed!"

So said good friend Martin Lennon, the Director of Infinite Monkey Excrement at the Infinite Monkey Foundation.

"They sense a theme and they run with it. I know it looks like they get stuck in a rut, but they're just running through different permutations of the same thing."

In this case, Lennon said, the theme is that Nebraska will never win consistently as long as Martinez remains the starting quarterback.

We asked Lennon if maybe the monkeys could write something else about Nebraska football during the offseason.

"They could, but why? No one cares that the offensive line wasn't that good, the defense couldn't stop anyone and the receivers couldn't catch the ball consistently. People need someone to blame. Even monkeys understand that."

And with that Lennon was off, he said, to review 343,123 stories about Jeremy Lin's Asian heritage.