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Corn Flakes: Where My Positive Psy-Cap Crushes You Like A Bug

Wohoo!!! Husker baseball starts Friday!!!!
Wohoo!!! Husker baseball starts Friday!!!!

I was going to rename Corn Flakes into something cheesy like "Brunch Bites" or "Lunchtime Links" but those aren't very imaginative, now, are they?

I am trying my best to get back into the swing of things, but I'd like your help. Start emailing me articles if you find them interesting. I'm not worried about and the Omaha World Herald, but anything else you might find in your wanderings around the internets.

IT'S THE OFFSEASON so they don't necessarily have to be about Husker sports. Like I said, interesting. NO politics or religion, though, because those are real things we shouldn't argue about.

Update on The Longhorn Network: Don't Hold Your Breath - Barking Carnival

Seems they're still having problems getting people to buy into this whole Longhorn Network idea despite shilling it mercilessly wherever they go. As if we didn't see this coming a long long time ago..... HAHAHAHAHAHA or something like that.

2012 Big 12 Football Schedule Arrives, Texas And TCU Could Meet On Thanksgiving
Texas vs TCU, the big rivalry on Thanksgiving Day from now on. Say all you want about Texas and hate, but I could handle watching this game while digesting turkey. Not a bad thing at all, mostly because you know damned well that TCU will hate them just as much or more than Texas A&M. It's a shame that the Longhorn-Aggie rivalry is dead (I see those tears welling up), but, hey, don't you think that TCU is capable of beating them as many times as the Aggies have recently?

Overrated Bluejays Shouldn't Have Been Ranked To Begin With

Take a look at Mike's bit about Creighton, not because of their basketball team, but because he points out the double standard that exists between coverage of Creighton coach Greg McDermott and Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini.

Now tell me - is this an indication that the Omaha World Herald has it in for Pelini, or that they're just beating on Pelini because he's in Lincoln and Creighton is in Omaha and they can't afford to piss off their home subscription base by being nasty to a head coach in their own back yard?

Matt Barkley posts a picture of his valentine just to make you sad | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

What the hell is going on over at Dr Saturday? Matt Hinton is an excellent writer, always has been. He sees college football with an objective perspective that few have. Now we're getting a dose of short articles (not written by Matt) about girlfriends, love songs for Denard Robinson, and marriage proposals that include no analysis but are clearly being created by an aggregation generator. WTF?

Husker Baseball 2012 Season Preview: Players to Watch | Husker Locker

I am doing baseball stuff this week, but, honestly, I probably won't cover players mostly because everyone else will. What I'm trying to do is get y'all a good understanding of the conference we're walking into, and what might happen this season.

James Stevenson over at does a good job of previewing the 2012 Nebraska baseball team, so go take a look.

Kindergartener Chooses Kansas State Over Kansas

A kindergarten student refused to color a Jayhawk, Kansas' official mascot, because her family likes Kansas State.

Oh, that's so cute, so cute. I am so glad that I'm not the one going to be raising her as a teenager. What a shock it will be for her Wildcat-loving mommy when her daughter gets a Jayhawk tattoo because that's what teenagers do, rebel.

Unless they're completely controlled that is, and the best way to do that is by keeping them from eating any protein.

UNL News Blog | Scientific American delves into UNL’s ‘positive psy-cap’ research

"Positive Psy-Cap", oh, I'm sure as hellgoing to be using that as a catchphrase this Friday night when I stay up all night at a lock-in with a bunch of teenagers. They're so impressionable, teenagers, when you're not their parent.

I can tell them about the time I killed a black bear with dental floss, and fill them with stories about fast cars that would burn rubber for half a block. Guns, too. We'll talk about guns, especially how one time I shot a rabid coyote through the heart at 300 yards before it got to the children.

So.... just remember that if you're one of those parents who drops your kids off, leaves me with them for the night that what you get back might be a little altered than what you left, all because of the fact that my psychological capital is stronger than theirs. Probably stronger than yours, too, if only because I declare it so.

You can improve your "Positive Psy-Cap" too but going to the article above. It's a good idea, especially if you've watched the men's basketball team this season.