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Nebraska Signing Day 2012: Which Nebraska Recruits Are "N"?

This is what is likely to be the most exciting National Signing Day in recent memory. Check in here to see who did (or, dry heave in mouth a little, didn't) sign their letter of intent.

The big names that have everyone holding their breath are Andrus Peat (solid?), Alonzo Moore (solid?), Vincent Valentine (kinda solid?), Aaron Curry (ummm?), Devian Shelton (very shaky?).

Five for five (or even four) on these guys would be an incredible haul. Three for five is probably more likely, but if those three are Peat, Moore and Valentine, it would still be a huge day. Losing more than one of those three will result black clouds around many Husker heads. Just remember, though - if the worst should come to pass, it's still better than staring wistfully at Iowa City-area livestock, a common pastime of another certain Big 10 fanbase.

Click inside for running updates:

Leroy Alexander is "N" - letter of intent is signed
This could be a classic case of talent pushed by hunger. This kid was off everyone's radar due to transfer & academics. He snapped up the Husker offer immediately and had that LOI in at the crack of dawn. He WANTS to be here.

Note - Someone at work asked me about Raymond Ford, it sounds as if he is no longer an option.

Note - Devian Shelton has been offered by Southern Cal. As they say on "Seinfeld", "That can't be good for business." "That can't be good for anything." Insert your "he got paid off" jokes below.

Note - Aaron Curry should be announcing in about 30 mins. or so.

Note - While we're at it, here are some other announcement times - Alonzo Moore - 9am, Devian Shelton - 11am, Andrus Peat - 12:30pm, Vincent Valentine - 1pm.

Michael Rose is "N"
Seems like years ago that Rose reopened his recruitment. He has been arguably NU's biggest recruit-recruiter and cheerleader.

Note - Curry would be a nice start to the day, however I've always enjoyed those who talk about things like "momentum" on siging day. As if some kid would be all set to sign with Boise St., but then read on the message board that Utah's guys were all signing early and would think, "You know, they've really got momentum going today. Eff it, I'm a Ute!"

Jordan Westerkamp is "N"
The lesson as always? Domers suck. Welcome aboard, Jordan.

Aaron Curry is "N".
OK, what I said above about momentum? Forget it, let's hope it's totally true. Great get, he was considered 50/50, no one seemed to have any idea what he was thinking.

Greg McMullen is "N"
Keep working that Ohio pipeline....

Note/Question - Is it possible to rub out a refresh icon on your screen by clicking it several times/minute?

Sam Cotton is "N"
Oh thank God. This one really had me worried.

Tommy Armstrong is "N"
A quarterback named Tommie Tommy? A last name of Armstrong? This is a stone cold lock for Husker success, is it not?

Note - Is there any correlation to kids that fire off that LOI at the crack of dawn versus those that get around to it at noon or so? Of course not, but I do love these kids that can't wait to get it in.

Note - Alonzo Moore signing is on deck. Supposedly, it's down to us, La Tech and Northwestern St. Not Northwestern. Northwestern St. If Moore is not "N", this would be a bigger upset than watching Santino Panico take a punt to the house. Or over 7 yards.

Imani Cross is "N"
Can we stitch the word "THUMP" on the ass of his pants a la Junk Yard Dog? I love this signing, absolutely love it.

Paul Thurston is "N"
Of course, it's always fun to snag someone out of Colorado. Sure, their program's about on a par with Transformers 3's Oscar chances, but still.

Alonzo Moore is "N"
- 2 for 2 on the signing day undecideds. Top athlete, likely ends up at CB or WR, but wants to take a shot at QB.

Note - Next on deck is Devian Shelton. At this point, his slapping on a red cap would be considered on a par with "Steve-O bags George Clooney's Smoking-hot Italian Ex-girlfriend!" Go ahead - click that link and remember that hope never dies.

"Get busy signin' or get busy dyin'. Damn right."

Note - Going for coffee and to resist the urge to claw at my left eye. I highly recommend not getting an ulcers in your eye. It's as bad as it sounds.

Note - A 1/2 hour lull on signing day seems like 3 hours. Or roughly the time it felt like it took to get through those scenes at the end of old Cheers episodes where Shelly Long would blab on endlessly in Sam's office.

Corey Whitaker is "N"
Hah! And I unjinxed it just like that. Our first west coast kid is out of bed and downing his Golden Grahams.

Zaire Anderson is "N"
"Anderson! Bomaye! Anderson! Bomaye!". C'mon, Rumble in the Jungle? Zaire? OK, it was a stretch.

Jared Afalava is "N"
The linebacker corps is almost complete. Thomas Brown, where are ya'?

Thomas Brown is "N"
OK, that's just creepy, that's twice now. I'll be sure to call for Peat & Valentine right before their announcements just in case I have the mojo going today.

"Andrus? Vincent? Lincoln, NE is totally groovy. Join Husker nation today, Yeah, baby!!"
(Please note, I made no mention of unlimited Tri Delts & AOPi's to shag. Well, almost.)

Note - OK, it's basically all over until moment of truth time. Moss will be signing about a 1/2 hour before Peat makes his announcement, and then Valentine will pick about 30 minutes after that. Unless Shelton's just been having fun with everyone, he appears to be USC bound . Anyone else would be a major surprise.

Note - The Peat Watch is in full effect. Avery Moss is in class. Insert rampant speculation about Peat's red tie, Stanford's academics or USC and Kiffin's record of rampant cheating here.

Note - Looks like Peat decision coming a few minutes early

Note - Or not. According to everyone he is lock for Nebraska, USC AND Stanford.

Note - Sounds liek ESPNU's dragging it out right now.

Peat picked Stanford. */^%##^*($!$!!!!!!

Oh, well, at least Special K and USC couldn't buy him. That would hurt much, much worse.

Vincent Valentine is on deck. Announcement ETA 1:15 or so.

Vincent Valentine is "N"!!!
And suddenly, we are EXTREMELY deep at DT.

Avery Moss is "N"
So those with fears of a Stanford package deal can rest easy.

That should close things out for the day. Keep your thought flying below, I'll post any more ramblings I can think of as they bounce in my head....