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The Reads: Omaha's Greatest Hoax Uncovered

What if I told you Nebrasketball had been hoodwinked into playing an imaginary team, this very night, at the house we built to honor the Bobfather?

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"I thought we played Omaha's team already?"
"I thought we played Omaha's team already?"
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

If you haven't heard, this evening at seven P. M., Nebraska's men's basketball team is taking on an imaginary team from Omaha (**) that the media likes to call the Creighton Bluejays.

A fantasy of Omaha sportswriters for years, they say it is coached by a mysterious figure known only as GREG MCDERMOTT and helmed by his own flesh and blood, a behemoth known as DOUG. These birds of mysterious are reported to be a "NCAA tournament" team, a thing of myth and legend, spoken of only by the most ancient of Nebraska fans.

Nebrasketball should have no trouble taking on these figments of imagination. They are, after all, on quite a roll, having handled Wake Forest on the road (making Tim Miles the first Nebraska coach since 1920 to get a win in his first road match) and USC.

Attempts to get Nebrasketball's game on TV failed once the broadcasters realized the opponent doesn't exist. However, ESPN3 will be running a webcam of the arena. It'll be like watching Ghost Hunters. Keep an eye out for illusions!

We may even have an open thread later today for people to comment on what they see on the webcam. Also be on the lookout for a more in-depth discussion of these mythical Jays - it should be a good scary story for your next camping trip!

Oh, and speaking of imaginary things, there's football "news" down below. Just seems redundant at this point. With no upcoming games, we're just chatting about appropriate expectations, staff assessments and...nope, that's about it.

Welcome to the off-season, where there's more news about other sports or other teams than there are about Nebraska football.


Huskers on TV/Radio/Internet Internet: Play-by-play: Mike Gleason Color: Rich Zvosec

Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington.

Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka Color: Matt Davison

Internet Radio/Stats: Free on

Satellite Radio: XM Ch. 190; Sirius Ch. 123

If nothing else, you can listen to Kent Pavelka narrate what he sees.

Wait, Tim Miles has met this apparition before?!

People are really excited to watch Nebrasketball play no one. Why can't we get anyone to go to Orlando to watch our football team play a real opponent?


A: Tim Miles -- The first-year Nebraska coach has been as impressive as any new hire thus far. Picked to finish last in the Big Ten, the Cornhuskers are off to a 6-1 start following a convincing 12-point victory over USC and a road blowout of Wake Forest. Not bad for a team that uses just six scholarship players and two walk-ons. "The buy-in from the upperclassmen has been great," Miles said by phone Tuesday. "Our way is different than Doc Sadler's way, but they said, 'That's fine. Let's figure it out together." Ray Gallegos, who redshirted last season, has scored 20 points in each of his past two games.

A Nebrasketball coach has ESPN's pundits impressed. Maybe the Internet is right - Tim Miles is the anti-Pelini. Also a wizard.

Our very own David McGee sat down with the Creightonian to discuss tonight's imaginary fan fest. Look for his hard hitting interview in the reverse later this morning.

Interesting comments about UNO. Oh, and Tim Miles goes "shots fired" at BTN for not carrying tonight's whatever-it-is.

It's starting to become clear why Osborne picked him, isn't it?


The Nebraska volleyball team had four players earn all-region honors on Tuesday from the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA). Seniors Lauren Cook, Gina Mancuso and Hannah Werth were named to the 14-member Mideast Region first-team, while freshman Meghan Haggerty was named honorable mention.

Congratulations, ladies! You earned it! Now let's go get that national title!

UNL Football

Okay, if Els doesn't coach the return teams...WHO DOES. Also, no mention of linebacker play here.

Of course he plays speed chess.

(You have to read this.)

(I'll wait.)

(Did you read it?)

Big Ten Football

Maybe the 16-team Big Ten won't be all that bad, if it means we play the QUADRANGLE OF HATE (Nebraska/Wisconsin/Iowa/Minnesota) every season. Throw in the Illinois and Michigan schools and that's a pretty fantastic Big Ten West.

The Big Ten could use some of Barry's magic on January First.

And of course:

Yes please. (Kudos to eightlaces. Brilliant.)

Well, that's on Wisconsin, not the Big Ten.

YAIS. YAIS. YAIS. (And I'm glad Steve Pederson has finally learned how to write a "buyout" clause that actually benefits the university. He's learning!)

An interesting option for Wisconsin. Wisconsin could bring a little Stanford home with them.

Another industry benefiting from conference realignment: lawyering.

National News

At this rate, this might not be a bad idea for Tennessee. And to think, this is probably just the warm up act to the main event of yet another Steve Pederson coaching search.

Makes sense for Strong to wait for the job that he wants - Louisville no longer stuck in Big East and has a chance to make noise in the new ACC.

Ghosts of Steve Pederson. Seriously.

Not a single Nebraska assistant. Wonder how that would've changed if we'd won on Saturday.

This is a stupid article. The author basically says "HIRED COACH MAY NOT WORK OUT".


(Why'd I link to it, you ask? For the journalism students. DON'T DO THIS. Or we'll tell Bo Pelini you said unkind things about his program.)

Not bad for a former high school coach out of Arkansas.

I look forward to the lawsuits!


That's all for today, folks. Come back tomorrow for a special surprise!

Comments, rants and kitty cat pictures go below.


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