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Detasseling Podcast: Indy Musings, Bo's Status, Morale Is Down

This edition of "Detasseling the Huskers" gets down to the dirty on what happened Saturday night and the fallout.

Leon Halip

We wanna thank Brandon Cavanaugh and Michelle Ascoff Boyer from our Facebook pages for the questions for this week's podcast.

Simply put, the podcast covers the issues that came from Saturday.

- The result of the game
- What happened when and why it matters
- Why do people think cause you're upset at Bo, you want him fired
- Morale, where did it go when the second quarter was getting out of hand

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One note: while the season is over, Detasseling doesn't end. We shall keep on keeping on with whatever is going on in the season, and that includes Nebrasketball and recruiting season and Baseball and what have you. So don't think this is the end with football season, because we're just gettin started folks.