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The Reads: Fixing Cornhusker Football

A lot has been written about the direction of Nebraska football over the last few days. Why don't we try finding answers for Bo Pelini?

We're here to help.
We're here to help.
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I think the OWH's Sam McKewon's piece (**) from yesterday kind of sums up the general points. I do have a problem with the tone of the piece - I think it suggests that there's a lack of awareness on Pelini's part. I don't think that's the case at all.

I believe it's a case of Pelini, being a first time head coach surrounded by young coaches beholden to him for a job and friends from a by-gone era of football, being out of ideas on how to answer the deficiencies faced by this program. While it is safe to say some staff changes may be in order, if only to bring in some fresh ideas, those changes should only happen IF Pelini is comfortable with them and the person coming in is an actual upgrade.

(I'm never comfortable with forcing changes onto a coach. Generates resentment and it rarely works out. You're also allowing the coach whose judgement you're questioning by forcing changes to make a judgement on how to address those problems. You see the issue?)

Change for change's sake isn't the right way to address problems after a ten or eleven win season.

So today, I thought we could pretend to be an advisory board to Bo Pelini. If you're going to complain about something, suggest a fix. And don't just fire people. Have a reason beyond "he sucks".

(Also keep in mind that Bo Pelini is fiercely loyal and doesn't fire people.)

Here are some deficiencies that I've gleaned throughout the season:

  • How does Pelini get the discipline on the field to match their discipline at practice and in the classroom?
  • How can he shore up the Nebraska side of the trench?
  • What coaching changes should be considered? Who should go, who should replace them and why?
  • How do we fix special teams?
  • Is the multiple offensive line coach plan working?

I'm sure you have other deficiencies you can think of. Feel free to bring them up in the comments. Let's try and think of possible answers. Be respectful in your replies, as always.

The only additional rule I have: your suggestions may not be "FIRE BO PELINI". We're not firing Bo Pelini. Get over it. That means you, Tressel for Nebraska. Jim Tressel will be Nebraska's coach the day after we secede from the Union.

On with the news.

The Nebraska Athletics Chapter of Uplifting Athletes

Rest in peace, Isaiah.

UNL Football

I do hope Osborne has a chance to explain to Eichorst what exactly the athletic director's job should be. I don't want Steve Pederson 2.0.

And I like that Nebraska sought out Georgia. I really, really do. Most other teams would avoid that kind of match-up, if possible. I just hope Nebraska takes advantage of the opportunity.

Five seasons in, this line should be solid, serviceable and deep. Why isn't it? How do we fix it?

Before anyone gets ahead of themselves, I don't see Georgia coming into this game unmotivated. Mark Richt is a great coach. The Dawgs will be ready to play.

Jawja Football

Cotton, Garrison and the players have their work cut out for them. If they let Jones run free, Martinez is in for a long day.

How would you control Jones? Knowing that sometimes defending one player can result in leaving other areas exposed, what do you risk to stop Jones?

And how does the defense stop Gurley and what do we risk against Georgia to do so?


Remember, these are Doc's players. Tim Miles has them playing out of their minds.

Before we start talking about COY or instant legends, though, let's see how Nebraska does in Big Ten play. (But I'm optimistic this isn't your older brother's Nebrasketball.)

National News

No surprises here other than the fact that they won't be packing the hall with finalists. My guess is Te'o won it, which is an injustice to Suh and even more an indication of how down college football was in general this year. (I think there's enough of a mental block for voting a freshman into the Heisman clubhouse to keep the award out of Manziel's hands.)

Congratulations to Te'o - when you shine on a solid team like Notre Dame, you tend to collect these accolades. If the playoff really does make polls somewhat irrelevant, we might see a renaissance in how these awards are given out as there won't be a bias towards the one team ESPN has hitched their wagon to. (HA, who are we kidding...)

The bowl system is broken and bloated, and that's the big conferences' faults. (ESPN's as well, but the major conferences started the problem long before ESPN got involved.) Rather than getting to watch competitive match-ups, we get to watch old money play old money. (Case in point, Georgia-Nebraska. I mean, Georgia doesn't stand a chance!)

All indications are that he flew back to Cincy last night. It's been widely reported that he is also being pursued by Purdue.

Best of luck, Mr. Barkley.

As a public service announcement, I'd like to remind you all that Bo Pelini's contract runs through 2016 and will probably be extended in 2014 unless he is dismissed or leaves of his own accord. Contract lengths are functions of recruiting, not finite periods that expire.

This is apparently something NIU does for all of their bowl games. I'm just curious whether their budget can take the hit, since they're on the hook for a huge number of tickets.



That's all for today. Take time to consider my challenge from above. Comments, rants and cat pictures go below.


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