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Happy New Year's Eve Bowls!

Join us today at Corn Nation to watch and discuss today's bowl games.... and whatever else you might feel like bringing up.

Streeter Lecka

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to New Year's Eve's set of bowls!

Interesting match ups today. USC linebacker Tony Burnett hates El Paso. Leonard Williams thinks it's a shitty city. Given that the Trojans started the season highly ranked and now find themselves in the Sun Bowl, you'd think they'd learn to shut up. Will they bother to show up and play the game?

Dabo Swinney vs Les Miles. Imagine the theatrics of that game.

For game previews, click on the link under the "Game".

Bowl (Site) Time Game Network (Talent)

Franklin American Mortgage Music City
(Nashville, Tenn.)

11 a.m. North Carolina State vs. Vanderbilt ESPN
(Carter Blackburn, Rod Gilmore, Jemele Hill)

Hyundai Sun
(El Paso, Texas)

1 p.m. Georgia Tech vs. USC CBS
(Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson,
Tracy Wolfson)
AutoZone Liberty
(Memphis, Tenn.)
2:30 p.m. Iowa State vs. Tulsa ESPN
(Mark Jones, Brock Huard, Jessica Mendoza)
(Atlanta, Ga.)
6:30 p.m. (7) LSU vs. (13) Clemson ESPN
(Mike Patrick, Ed Cunningham,
Jeannine Edwards)


We're going to go through another site change. Those site changes are detailed here. I'm going to repeat this during each of the game threads until the entire community has had a chance to be notified about these changes.

IF YOU HAVE COMMENTS ABOUT THE SITE CHANGE, please make them during our game threads so that we can discuss them as a community. I don't know everything, but I'd rather any complaints or HURRAHs stay here.