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Detasseling The Huskers: 2013 Capital One Bowl Preview!!

The long-awaited Capitol One Bowl's not doom and gloom, but it's not full-on puppies, lollipops, and rainbows shot out of unicorn butts. Give it a listen and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

We meet again, Citrus Bowl.
We meet again, Citrus Bowl.
Mike Ehrmann

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY. You're planing your New Year's Eve for tomorrow and such (and please plan to be safe and get home safe, and tip whomever has to work cause it's not fun) but you wanna get your mind going to Tuesday afternoon and the Capital One Bowl against those Georgia Bulldogs. Not only is it Tom Osborne and Rex Burkhead's swan song for UNL, but a way to turn around the feelings after the B1G title game.

What we cover is:

- How will Nebraska stop Georgia's offense
- Fan apathy
- What we think will happen

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We will keep the keeping on, with our regular schedule coming back next week for you guys and gals.