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Ben Bradley Now Looking at Auburn

Last weekend, it looked like Ben Bradley was going to decide on Wednesday between Nebraska and Missouri, with Kentucky and Tennessee trailing. Wednesday came, and the decision was pushed back to Friday.

And not only are we still waiting, we know know that Bradley is now looking at Auburn.

So what's up here? Gary Sharp of KOZN-1620 AM radio talked to Mike Schaefer of Huskers Illustrated and got the following:

What to make of this? My read is that Bradley wants to come to Nebraska, and went home to Norcross, GA for Christmas to talk it over with his family. Except Mom wants him closer to home. And if grades are an issue, he's probably headed back to Hutchison (KS) in the spring to get his grades in order, no matter if he decides soon where he's heading next. So he's going to check out Auburn, if only to appease Mom.

At this point, it's very unlikely that Bradley will be in Lincoln in January. That doesn't mean he's not coming to Lincoln; in fact, I think Nebraska is very much in the mix. But think back to what Rick Kaczenski said about players wanting to stay closer to home. This is just another example, and it's something Bradley is going to need to decide for himself.

And if grades are an issue, there's a whole academic support center for Nebraska to lean on in their recruiting process. Just sayin'.