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Cobs of the Week: Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Refs, & Georgia

So we have something to vote on, we're splitting up Nebraska's suckage. You'll have to choose what was the worst part of the worst.

Missed him by how much?
Missed him by how much?
Gregory Shamus

With a light schedule on championship week, there aren't as many candidates for the worst of this week in college football. And we didn't have to go far to find candidates this week; it was right under our noses. And we couldn't miss the smell as the Huskers stunk up Lucas Oil Stadium. So here are the candidates:

Nebraska's Defensive Line

Maybe if these guys could have gotten off a block or two, Wisconsin wouldn't have even made it to the perimeter. You don't think that Wisconsin didn't know they could exploit Nebraska in this manner once Baker Steinkuhler went down?

Nebraska's Secondary

Maybe those angles worked against the scout team, but not with starting players. And that tackling effort looked like something out of the Keystone Kops. Ciante Evans, Ben Hanks of the 1995 Florida Gators would like to inform you that tackling the ball is a recipe for failure.

Nebraska's Coaching Staff

Got caught flat footed and never found an adjustment to anything that Wisconsin threw your way.

Big Ten Referees

Not that it impacted the results, of course. But how the hell do you flag Kenny Bell for that block, and then let Chris Borland piledrive Taylor Martinez WWE style? They nearly lost control of the game.


This nomination came in before the Nebraska game, so we're obliged to include it. You've got the ball at the eight yard line with 15 seconds left. Clock is running and no timeouts. Most teams would spike the ball. Not the Bulldogs. They throw a pass in the flat that gets tipped and caught at the five. over. You have two options in that situation: throw it into the endzone or throw it incomplete. Yeah, the ball was tipped, but would it have made the end zone otherwise?