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BOWLS BOWLS BOWLS - The Big Ten Begins with Friday Bowl Games!

Join us online as we watch more bowls! Today's interest - Frank Solich's Bobcats of Ohio U and Minnesota in the first Big Ten bowl!

Frank Solich has Ohio back into a bowl once again.
Frank Solich has Ohio back into a bowl once again.
Jamie Sabau

Three more bowls today, the Independence, Russell Athletic and Car Care Bowl.

Today Minnesota steps up as the first Big Ten team to play during bowl season, but if Rutgers wins, we might want to claim them early given what the conference has left on the schedule (read: Projected LOSING).

Independence Bowl: Louisiana Monroe vs. Ohio Preview

1:00 p.m. ESPN

Russell Athletic Bowl: Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech Preview

4:30 p.m. ESPN

Car Care Bowl: Minnesota vs. Texas Tech Preview

8:00 p.m. ESPN


Inside Cow Jail - It's cute. Really. We should have more cow material here in 2013.

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How the Pistol Offense is Changing the NFL - Not that anyone in the NFL will ever admit that they haven't thought of everything themselves. NFL Toilet Paper, everyone!

BTW, be sure to read the preview to see what Bill Connelly has to see about the Big Ten's bowl affiliations. Here's a teaser:

The Big Ten has basically the best, and worst, set of bowl affiliations in the country.....