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Belk, Military, Holiday Bowls Begin Bowlapalooza Days

Join us online as there are three bowls today, kicking off many many bowls over the next few days.

Thearon W. Henderson

Three bowls day, three more tomorrow, five Saturday, four Monday, and six on Tuesday, New Year's Day. 17 bowls all together over the next few days.

That's a whole lot of college football, and what the non or casual college football fan would call "meaningless" games. I wrote about that all the way in 2006, when we didn't have a lot of community members around.

I have the same feeling that I did then - more college football isn't such a bad thing when you remember that a long, dark offseason awaits us just afterwards.

Today we have the following:

Military Bowl: Bowling Green vs. San Jose State Preview -

2:00 p.m. ESPN

Belk Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Duke Preview

5:30 p.m. ESPN

Holiday Bowl: Baylor vs. UCLA Preview

8:45 p.m. ESPN

So join us today at CN!!! And prepare thyself for Bowlapalooza!