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Pizza Bowl: Central Michigan vs Western Kentucky Open Thread

Come and Join Us Online for the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl! It's in Detroit!

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

It'll be a study diet of bowl games over the next few days, with your first post-Christmas bowl being the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl between Central Michigan and Western Kentucky tonight at 6:30 pm on ESPN (as if the worldwide leader would allow anyone else to broadcast a bowl).

You should watch this game. Why? Because you're still fighting a hangover, whether caused by the mixture of family and alcohol and/or food, and it's still the holidays. Still time to relax and enjoy some MACtion.

Besides, it's a bowl game in Detroit. You might want to plan a vacation there some day.

Mother Ship: Game Preview - How To Watch

Alternative Topics:

- Apple, Cherry, Pecan or some other flavor of pie?

- What'd you get for Christmas that you really really wanted?

- And something that you didn't, perhaps?