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The Reads: Business as Usual

Nebraska fans are used to the world not ending despite the hype.

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
Salt Creek

Not that the Mayans are necessarily wrong, mind you - after all, they only predicted the BEGINNING of the apocalypse. Now everything that happens will be an apocalyptic event. ("Oh no! My car! The Mayans!")

In reality, predicting the end of the world is a lot like a preseason poll. It's all hand-waving and guesstimation. In the end, you can make up a lot of excuses for being wrong but everyone pats you on the back when you're right!

(Well, except if the world really does end. Then there's no one to pat you on the back. That's probably the worst feeling ever.)

So now everything is the Mayans' fault. Barney Cotton? Yup.

Anyways, I'll just take a moment here to wish you and yours a very happy and peaceful holiday season. I hope Nebraska's misfortunes this season don't cast a pall over whatever holiday celebrations you may take part in.

The Reads will be on hiatus from now until Friday the 28th, which works since nearly all Nebraska sports are currently on hiatus until after the break. Except Nebrasketball.

Don't forget that Nebrasketball takes on Central Michigan this Saturday at 6pm CT. The game will only be available either in person or on the Husker Sports Radio Network. So those of you who can, enjoy!


Not surprised that Bo didn't show any sense of panic...but you kind of gotta be a little concerned at our defensive line depth, with half of our eligible guys injured and the other half apparently unprepared to run this defense.

Concerning Joseph, I wasn't aware schools had to have permission from another school to interview the other schools' assistants.

As far as our assistants go, I'm glad they're not afraid of the media. But I don't care if they talk to media. If they never spoke to the media but could recruit and coach worth a damn, we wouldn't care. Unfortunately, we have questions for some of them as far as how much they're really helping Bo out here. (Clearly not directed at Fisher or Joseph.)

Interesting note on NFL position openings. Silly season is FAR from done. Also, a lot of fans who probably should find other avenues of entertainment.

Georgia Bulldogs

How will Nebraska nullify their offensive play-makers?


Next season will be interesting. Big shoes to fill.

Women's Basketball

The women take on Grambling State on December 29th at the Devaney Center.


We'll need all the help we can manage heading into Big Ten play.

Big Ten Conference

Not a bad hire by Wisconsin. Will Wisconsin treat him better than Bielema?

A look around the league where it becomes abundantly clear that we're all in wrong professions.

National News

Not surprising, really. Why spend your senior season trying to learn a new offensive system?

It's not Steve Young staring down a puma, so what's the point?

Nebraska comes in at number 11. It's worth noting that we are currently not paid a full share in the Big Ten (not until 2017) and we only played seven home games.

This story sounds familiar. I hope Oregon pays dearly for it.

When rules are broken because you gave someone cream cheese, there is something wrong. "I COMMITTED TO THE BUCKEYES BECAUSE THEY GAVE ME CREAM CHEESE."

We now know why it takes them ten years to levy penalties in serious cases - all of their resources are spent on breakfast table security.


Have a happy and most importantly safe holiday season, everyone. Including Cobby.

(Let's all hope Cobby finds happiness. He's kind of made a mess of the break room here at CN.)

-Salt Creek and Stadium

PS: My condolences to Northwestern, who will actually have to go play their bowl game. Sorry about that. CLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGA.