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The Reads: Stirring the Pot

The Nebraska media asked QB Taylor Martinez questions. Taylor answered.

"He said what?" - Georgia LB #29 Jarvis Jones
"He said what?" - Georgia LB #29 Jarvis Jones
Kelly Lambert

Now, I should start by saying I think Taylor Martinez is fantastic at QB and I love his press conferences if only because you never know what he's going to say.

That being said, one of his comments yesterday reminds me of Eric Martin's revelation that Taylor sometimes drives his teammates crazy.

His offensive line may not appreciate it. I'm just saying.

(Who is Jarvis Jones? He's one of the Georgia LBs and was one of the few consensus all-Americans from this season. He is largely responsible for turning Georgia's defense around AND demolishing Florida.)

Consider the following:

  1. SEC partisans love their t-shirts. Missouri was not acting out - they were merely trying to fit in.
  2. In response to that one Missouri player's comment about "old man football", Georgia partisans made "GROWN MAN FOOTBALL" t-shirts.

I really only have one question for you: what will Georgia put on their t-shirts celebrating Taylor's comments?

UNL Football

Would you hire Cobby as your athletic director? (SUBSCRIBE TODAY.)

A great win for the Nebraska coaching staff. Any day you can beat out Alabama is a good day. It sounds like our focus on building good people instead of just good athletes won him over.

And I love that the local Canadian paper refers to him as a giant.

That's okay, we're all puzzled too.

Do you agree with Osborne? Are our priorities a little out of whack?

Capital One Bowl

Wish Nebraska had the depth to do this, how about you?

Big Ten Conference

It's like an Agatha Christie novel up in Madison. I'm going to hate Bielema for waiting even more now.

Not a good look.

I'm all for the tough games but the Big Ten needs to do a better job of spreading out their games. This year, two of their prized teams (Nebraska and Michigan) are on TV at the same time.

Rumor is that the offer has been made but due to hiring practices at UW, no announcements can be made until later today.

Another rumor indicates that if Andersen accepts (and he is expected to), he will bring his full staff from Utah State. The last two or three coaches, including their O-line coach Bart Miller will be on the open market...

National News

Nick's waiting for the Dallas job.


And I'll leave you with this:

I really hope Nebraska fans can find a way to support them as though it were the Rose Bowl.

-Salt Creek and Stadium