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Detasseling the Huskers: Cobby's Thoughts, Comparing '12 UGA to '11 USC, Orlando Attendance

Greg and Brian kick off the Capital One Bowl talk with a comparison of 2012 Georgia and 2011 South Carolina, plus wondering if Husker fans will make it back to Orlando. Plus.... COBBY!!

That Orlando is sure colorful.
That Orlando is sure colorful.
Mike Ehrmann

We are still a couple weeks away from the Capitol One Bowl, but Greg and Brian feel like there's no time like the present to discuss it!

Thanks to CN's own Salt Creek and Stadium for a question, and of course the OFFICIAL twitter feed of the Capital One Bowl for the other question.

Things discussed include:

- Differences between this year's Georgia Bulldogs and last year's South Carolina Gamecocks.

- What is our expected Husker fanbase turnout for New Years Day?

Also - guess who joins the show...IT'S COBBY!! /gulps

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Also, as a reminder, Detasseling the Huskers won't come out next Tuesday for the Christmas holiday. However, we will have one right before the Capital One Bowl, so you'll get your preview one way or another.