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The Reads: Word Association

It's snowing outside somewhere (right?) so the only acceptable response is to play games indoors.

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This is what Salt Creek sees when he looks for stories to share.
This is what Salt Creek sees when he looks for stories to share.

Let's start today with a fun game!

Patriots streamline play calling, speed up offense | ProFootballTalk

To make this interesting, I'll give a word and the play I associate with it, and then I'll say a word.

You can then say the play that goes with that word and then either give a word or a play for the next person to define. No repetition!

Sound like fun? OF COURSE IT DOES.

TREBUCHET is a field goal.

What is a CRUMPET?

Get those creative juices going!


N for 'Nowledge

Nebraska may not be the inventors but we're enablers.

UNL Football

Here's hoping they replace Soldier Field with a real football field before 2016. Incoming running backs, work on those ACLs. (Husker Mike's piece on non-conference scheduling from yesterday.)

Be ready for an entirely new defense next season. But how will Pelini adjust to a defense full of youngsters who might not understand his defense? Hasn't this contributed to the problems already?


Nebraska (6-3) returns to the Devaney Center Tuesday night, as the Huskers take on Jacksonville State (8-2). Tipoff is at 8 p.m. CT.

Not able to make it to the Devaney Center? No problem. Tonight's game is on BTN and with the radio call at (And don't forget to join us on tonight's game thread!)


Big Ten Conference

If only Biels had announced before the game, we'd be having completely different discussions right now.

What were Bielema's words?

"Panic is for the outside world."

Take your time, Barry! Don't worry about recruiting. If you'll excuse us.

/dials phone

Why, hullo WISCONSIN BADGER OFFENSIVE LINEMAN RECRUIT. Your team of interest has ZERO coaches. Our team has FIVE coaches just for the offensive line! The math here is simple. And if you play for us, assuming the Big Ten does the right thing and moves Wisconsin west, you can play for your family and friends in Wisconsin at least twice, if we redshirt you*! You'll also have the undying love of Coach Barney here for saving his bacon! Please commit to Nebraska! Please!

*Very unlikely we'll redshirt you. You're already bigger than some of our linemen.

NOTE: This did not happen. If I was to do this, it would be a NCAA violation. We're already on probation!

The economy of college football is broken, but hey, whatever.

Better than the Big East, the ACC and the Independents. BOOM.

National News

If I'm Boise State, I go back to the Mountain West and then keep talking to the Big 12.

Maybe coach recycling in the NFL is a good thing.

Bielema approved. "THE CARD SAID SO."

Some of you may find this interesting.

The way the game went, maybe the grounds crew should've left the bird alone.

I don't like this, only because Lovie Smith going to a bowl game means Chicago won't fire him.

Brilliant move? Or is Missouri just rearranging chairs on the Titanic?

A happy, happy holiday from SB Nation's resident Internet Chef.


And don't forget to join us for tonight's Nebrasketball open thread!

-Salt Creek and Stadium