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Sweet Home Chicago in 2016 With Northern Illinois

Huskers add a three game series with Northern Illinois, and complete the 2014 schedule with a game against 1-AA McNeese State.

David Banks

Nebraska announced today that the Huskers will play a three game series with Northern Illinois in 2016, 2017, and 2019. The 2016 game will be played at Soldier Field in Chicago on September 24th, while the Huskies will open the 2017 season in Lincoln on September 2nd and also play in Lincoln on September 14th, 2019.

Nebraska has also announced that the 2014 schedule has been completed with a game against 1-AA McNeese State on September 6th. The 2014 schedule will start with home games against Florida Atlantic on August 30th, and then McNeese State. On September 13th, the Huskers will travel to Fresno State before returning home to face Miami-Florida on September 20th. While a conference schedule has been announced for that season, I expect it will be revised with the additions of Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten.

The 2015 season opens with home games against BYU on September 5th and South Alabama on September 12th. The Huskers then travel to Miami on September 19th, then return home to face Southern Miss on September 26th. The 2016. The 2016 schedule now opens with three home games against Fresno State on September 3rd, Tennessee on September 10th, and Wyoming on September 17th. There's a chance Nebraska fans could make back-to-back trips to Chicago, as Nebraska is currently scheduled to play Northwestern on October 1st, the week after the Northern Illinois game.

The only games on the 2017 schedule at this point are the season opener on September 2nd against Northern Illinois and then a road trip to Tennessee on September 9th. No games for 2018 have been announced as of yet, but in 2019, Nebraska will face South Alabama on August 31st and Northern Illinois on September 14th.

Assuming that Southern Miss returns to their traditional level of success, the 2015 and 2016 schedules look fairly stout. BYU, Miami, and Southern Miss might not be national powers, but those are three respectable opponents. 2016 looks even more solid with Fresno State, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Northern Illinois. Looking that far in advance, it's presumptuous to assume anything about any opponent. (Remember when Texas used to be good in football? :-) But still, most folks should be pleased with these games...especially a chance to play in Chicago in an NFL stadium. But will Husker fans flood Chicago two weekends in a row in 2016?