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The Reads: Monday

Prayers for Newtown, Connecticut.

N For 'Nowledge

Nebraska scientists report some interesting properties of ice with exciting implications for future technology.

Congratulations to these men and women, and all of our December graduates from UNL. Best of luck to all of you in your immediate and long-term futures.

UNL Football

You don't beat out the kid's dream school. Nothing Pelini's staff could've done here other than move to Tuscaloosa and run the scout team.

And a reminder, the JUCO signing period starts Wednesday. And we're now in a recruiting dead period until January 3rd, meaning Pelini and his staff cannot be out actively recruiting.

Osborne needed a cart to leave the room.

Losing a game may not change things but losing Marrow might.

Possibly a game-changer for Nebraska's recruiting.

Capital One Bowl

I think Richt's Nebrasksa roots are part of the reason he's not like the other SEC coaches.

Why do we need to copy other teams' approaches? Why can't we find our own way? What's with the impatience?


Congratulations, ladies! Nice honors to cap off a tough season.


Likely a preview of coming attractions, Nebraska just couldn't hang with the Ducks. Look for more of the same heading into Big Ten play after the New Year.

Women's Basketball

The women Huskers continue their dominance of the state of Florida. Great job!

Big Ten Conference

Greg Davis or AIRBHG?

JUST HIRE SOMEONE, ANYONE. Come on Wisconsin. Time to get back on that horse.

Beck and Fisher make the list. A no-brainer. I'd throw Joseph up there as well, at least as an honorable mention. Unfortunately, their accomplishments got waylaid by decisions made five years ago.

For the too long, didn't read crowd: due to the financial straits of Maryland's athletic department, they'll be receiving money equivalent to current, fully-invested members. Their buy-in will be put off until later in the future when their department is hopefully on more stable ground. Rutgers will be following a similar staggered approach to the plan Nebraska is using for entry into the Big Ten fortune.

Interesting gambit by Delany here.

A fascinating look at the decisions facing Delany and the Big Ten offices.

His comments on Wisconsin tell me he's never dealt with the academic arm at Wisconsin. I bet they're far more excited about adding Maryland and Rutgers than they were about adding Nebraska. (Actually, we know this for a fact - Wisconsin was one of the Big Ten schools who voted Nebraska out of the AAU. Thanks, Biddy!)

National Sporting News

A fascinating look at the things coaches say and why we should be concerned about the message they're sending.

Good luck with this one, Cincy. He really misses the SEC.

You mean Texas Tech people may not be happy with the way Tommy left? SHOCKER.

A lesson in humility and real active enforcement versus nebulous approaches. Such as the nebulous penalty structure employed by the NCAA.

And case closed. Moving on.

So...nothing has changed at Texas except they chased out the one guy who might make things better?

Four SEC teams? Yeah, already invalid.

Why...? He'll be fighting two scholarship commits alone, plus whatever depth is already present at Alabama. Does Alabama use a lot of walk-ons?


-Salt Creek and Stadium