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Saturday Bowl 'n' Nebrasketball Fun!

Join us as we watch the bowls, and hope that Nebrasketball can beat the Oregon Ducks!

Eric Francis

At noon on ESPN comes the New Mexico Bowl between Arizona and Nevada. It's worth watching, mostly because of OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE and the teams feature two of the best running backs in the nation. <--- Bowl Preview right there are that linky.

Arizona's Ka'Deem Carey finished the regular season ranked first nationally in yards per game with 146.42, while Nevada's Stephon Jefferson finished right behind him at 141.92.

At 3:30 PM is the Idaho Potato Bowl between Utah State and Toledo.

Why watch that - you might wonder. Well, I'll tell you. Because like all the rest of the bowls, meaningless or not, they're all that stand between us and the long, bleakness of no college football.

Bill Connelly has some reasons for you to watch, one of which is MACTION.

My reason to watch? If Utah State wins, it's only their second bowl win in school history and would be their first Top 25 finish in 40 years. I'm always a sucker for that kind of underdog.

ALSO AT 3:30 PM is Nebrasketball vs Oregon on Fox Sports.

Be sure to check out new writer Greg Smith's Nebraska vs Oregon preview!