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Nebraska's Recruiting Roundup Entering The Bowl/Dead Season

As Capital One Bowl preparations kick into full gear for Nebraska, the 2013 recruiting cycle hits a dead spot.

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Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

It's been a very odd week on the Nebraska 2013 recruiting scene. We have already talked about Vince Marrow to Kentucky and the effect that is going to have. Furthermore, we've covered David Knevel and Jonathan Cook. There's other things to point out...

- Sounds like Beau Sandland is set to make his decision Tuesday. Nebraska was in the lead, but now without Marrow it's looking like Arizona State is going to win this battle. I know a lot of you like to pull the "well if he doesn't come to Nebraska he's not very good" tilt on this, but he's a kid who can come in, learn the offense this spring and probably start next fall. Granted, Greg Hart could do the very same thing, but having a Sandland or a Brandon Vandenberg on the roster would give the ability to possibly redshirt Hart and let him learn the offense.

- The Huskers are hosting a couple of already committed players this weekend who could be very interested in Nebraska. Cornerback Chucky Williams, who is a soft verbal to Ole Miss and Wisconsin Safety DJ Singleton made the trip to Lincoln this weekend. While Williams may not happen, these visits and such could be the new course of action for Jonathan Cook looking to a Alabama or Auburn offer.

- Sounds like the staff have done several in-home visits this week. Highly coveted Cornerback Priest Willis was the central point of the home visits, along with a lot of other recruits like Nathan Gerry. One of the last visits was to Sandland, and it seems like the staff realizes that the loss of Marrow could get some defections, so getting on it seemed to be the theme.

- Why in the hell was Bret Bielema in Nebraska on Friday?

I dug for this one, and I mean I DUG for this one. That is indeed a picture of Lee Bird Field in North Platte, Nebraska. Who is out there and why he's out there,I have no clue. If you have anything, let me know when you find out.

- Finally, I'm pleased to tell you all that Corn Nation has agreed to partner up with Lincoln based recruiting/coaching film/software company Hudl to bring you the best available film for recruiting items. They have some great stuff. And, if they have it about a recruit, we will show it to you. Here's an example of their fine work:

Nebraska - Class of 2013 - Recruiting Trailer from Hudl on Vimeo.