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Nebraska Possibly Gains One, Possibly Loses One For The '13 Cycle

Nebraska lands Canadian OL David Knevel, however very likely loses DT Antoine Miles


Sometimes you win recruiting wars you aren't expecting to, and sometimes you lose ones you were hoping not to. Nebraska experienced both of those feelings late Wednesday night.

As a majority of you were shutting it down and getting ready for Thursday, two pieces of information came down the recruiting line for Nebraska.

First, the good news:

Whom Josh speaks of is the massive Canadian OL target Nebraska had in David Knevel. Knevel, a 6'8", 290 tackle, was ready to commit to the Huskers till he went on a unofficial to Alabama last week. Whether it was simply a numbers game or such, Knevel and his father still had the Huskers #1 in his listing, and for that a lot of people are thankful. Did Nebraska beat Alabama for a kid? Maybe, but this late in the cycle, I'm not sure it was simple numbers.

Personally, watching his tape, it will be intriguing to me how a player like Knevel can adapt blocking concepts from Canadian rules to more traditional American Football rules (less players, more downs, not as wide open).

However, with the good comes the bad news....

Miles, who had literally committed to Nebraska on December 7th is open on his Rivals sheet. It sounds like Vince Marrow was the singular voice that Miles had heard from Nebraska and has cancelled his visit. Furthermore, Rivals isn't even listing Miles on their commitment page. It's not surprising, and he would have been nice to keep, however it sounds like Nebraska will have to do some work to get Miles to stick to his commitment.