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Vince Marrow's Departure Leaves Many Questions

Vince Marrow took the Tight Ends job at Kentucky. Where does this leave Nebraska?

Marrow (in black sweatshirt, behind Bo) was a big force on the recruiting trail for Nebraska this summer/fall
Marrow (in black sweatshirt, behind Bo) was a big force on the recruiting trail for Nebraska this summer/fall
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier today, Nebraska Graduate Assistant Vince Marrow took up Mark Stoops on his offer to become the Tight Ends coach at Kentucky.

Marrow, who's son Mike is a fullback for Nebraska, was a graduate assistant for Nebraska for the previous two seasons helping out TE's with John Garrison. Earlier this year, the NCAA granted Marrow a waiver to recruit for Nebraska in lieu of OL coach Barney Cotton and an injury that didn't allow Cotton to travel very well.

Now, normally a GA leaving to get paid on a staff with a SEC school isn't newsworthy, however the possible ramifications from Marrow leaving on the recruiting trail could be massive.

For starters, Marrow was the lead recruiter for five of Nebraska's current commitments, that's a third of the current verbals that the Huskers have for the 2013 cycle. Furthermore, Marrow is the lead recruiter for Nebraska Tight End targets Beau Sandland and Brandon Vandenburg.

Taking a look at what Nebraska has behind Kyler Reed and Ben Cotton at TE, it's easy to see how this could be an issue for the Huskers in 2013. Let us say that Sandland and Vandenburg do not commit to Nebraska (we'll know about Sandland in the next week), things will be THINNNN as David Sutton would be the lead TE going into the spring? Who? Exactly. Not only that, Marrow was the lead with current verbals Marcus McWilson and Courtney Love.

What makes me wonder about this is that Marrow right now seemed to be Nebraska's best recruiter this season by far. There have been reports that Bo recommended Marrow to new Kentucky HC Mark Stoops. That would be fine, and good for both Mark and Vince, but one has to wonder why Bo had Marrow recruiting for Nebraska in the last few days when Pelini himself knew the possibility of Marrow leaving was there.

Furthermore, many a person now believe because Nebraska let Marrow go, there will be no turnover to the staff this year which would be a big hate to the "Fire Barney Cotton" crew. Is that a big deal?

Personally, I don't think that letting go Marrow is a great move. I know you need to have a spot available to get him on staff, but when your best recruiter this season is gone, you better have a great Plan B for everything with that, whether it's your staff, commitments, or potential recruits.