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Looking In The Mirror, Bowl Practice, Capital One Or Bust For Bo?

Greg and Brian discuss the upcoming Capitol One Bowl, the length of time Bo Pelini will receive if Nebraska beats Georgia as well as the team's practicing approach to the New Years Day battle in Orlando.

Gregory Shamus

Welcome to your Tuesday afternoon, Husker fans.

We had a few good questions for this week from @tamattes on twitter and Andy Bowin on Facebook.

We spoke of the following things this week:

- Hangover over this week and the musings of the post-B1G title game
- Preparations for the Capital One Bowl, and how do you do it?
- How much time does beating Georgia in Orlando buy Bo Pelini.
- Nebrasketball and Nebraska Volleyball

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Another note: Greg and I will have our regular DTH next week, but we will take that following Tuesday off for Christmas Day. We will have a pregame "Detasseling" before the bowl game. Furthermore, we'll have a special postgame version coming to you immediately after the Capital One Bowl, win or lose. I can't give away what we hope to do much, but think the word "live".