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Bo Pelini Leaving Nebraska, Chapter 6: Auburn and Tennessee

After the Big Ten Championship Game, Pelini's name will come up for several jobs. If this plays out like it usually does, it gets hot for a few hours, then the reports quickly die. No reason to expect anything different this time.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

After the Big Ten Championship game, Nebraska fans should probably fasten their seat belts because the rumor mill is going to seem to be very hot with rumors about Bo Pelini. It's already started: Pelini's name has already been the subject of multiple rumors. Those rumors haven't gone very far this week because Pelini is pre-occupied with the Wisconsin rematch. Once that's over, the phones will likely heat up.

Or will they? We've heard this line before: school X is interested in Pelini, and within hours, Pelini shoots the rumor down. Some people claim that Pelini (or his agent) is actively courting these offers, but their stories tend to have as many holes as a foam Cheesehead that Green Bay fans wear. (And in the end, not nearly that much substance.) Oklahoma fans know all about these rumors: he's practically been signed, sealed, and delivered to Notre Dame, Florida, Penn State. etc. over the years. Sometimes multiple times.

Guess what, he's still in Norman.

So here are the latest candidates according to the rumor mill. I put every one of these as idle speculation at this point. The rumormongers will insist that where there is smoke, there is fire. That could be. But considering past history of these rumor threads, I would need something much more solid than "XXX would like to talk to Pelini." Of course they want to talk to Pelini; he's won nine games all five years he's been a head coach. Every one of these schools who has an opening would love to have that as a baseline.

Whether Pelini has any interest is another matter entirely. These reports seem to all originate from the school saying "THEY" would like to talk to Pelini. Again, note who's originating these comments.

So with that:

  • Auburn is considering Bo Pelini. Again, considering what? Considering placing a phone call? Pretty vague. Oh, and guess who else they are considering? Bob Stoops. Well, that makes this like my kids' Christmas list. (I want one of this, one of that, one of that, one of EVERYTHING!)
  • Tennessee. This one is an even weaker story, with "The Big Lead" suggesting a pursuit of Pelini. This goes with the usual set of suspects like Jon Gruden and Bob Stoops, for what it's worth.
  • Arkansas. That one still flutters around in the undercurrent. I even got a note last weekend that Pelini already had signed a contract with Arkansas...and then the Razorbacks offer to Les Miles came out last week.

So do with this what you will. I expect the rumor mill to fire up hot on Sunday and Monday after the game is over, especially if Nebraska wins. But I don't expect anything to come of this, other than a lot of hot air.