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Blogpoll Top 25: Should Alabama Drop Below Oregon?

Alabama beats LSU, but only because Les Miles believes his own press. And then what do you do with all these one-loss and two-loss teams?

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

I was half tempted to drop Alabama one spot and move Oregon up because my general feeling about that game is that LSU lost because Les Miles believes his own press about being that wild "Mad Hatter" crazy man, not because Alabama was the better team all night.

But I didn't. Maybe I should. Let me know.

Five teams remain unbeaten, all at 9-0: Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame, and Lousivlle.

One loss teams include: Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Louisiana Tech, Oregon State, Rutgers, Kent State and Toledo.

Then there's the 7-2 teams in this poll: LSU, South Carolina, Stanford, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA, and Mississippi State.

USC should be the only three-loss team listed. I considered dropping them entirely, but they're USC and they still have incredible athletes (if only they had a coach).

FYI - again, Ohio State isn't ranked because they're not eligible for post-season play, so the hell with them.

So.... what's the right order here? Again, if you propose a replacement or movement, you have to recommend who fits into that team's slot, otherwise your complaint will be promptly ignored.