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Cobs of the Week: Le'Veon Bell & Friends, Les Miles, ESPN's Crack Announcers, B1G Refs, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Southern Cal, Arizona, Washington/Cal, and Black-And-GoLOLd

So much suckage to choose from this week.

Doug Pensinger

Plenty of suckage to go around this week in our "Worst of the Week" in college football thread. The CN staff assembles those worthy of a dishonorable mention, and then you vote for the worst of the week. And this week, we've got a fine list of new candidates, some that we've mentioned before, and some old standbys that we just can't quit making fun of.

So without further's our take on the Worst of the Weekend. Who gets the Cob?

B1G Referees

Once again, the refs get a mention. Spartan fans are incensed over the pass interference call that gave Nebraska two more shots to win the game. Fair enough. But what about the personal foul called on Daimion Stafford after Keith Mumphrey clipped him into Andrew Maxwell? That penalty gave Michigan State a second chance to score a touchdown and a two score lead. Let's be fair about this...the officiating was lousy, but it was equally lousy. Neither team got an advantage from bad calls.

Michigan State's players on Twitter.

As one of our CN members pointed out in the postgame thread, this is why Bo Pelini has banned his players from Twitter. Maybe that's extreme, but maybe a ban is appropriate until after everybody has a chance to cool off after the game. The Spartans deleted the offending tweets, but the damage was done; they'll live on in infamy.

Sean McDonough & ESPN/ABC Announcers

Please review the rosters and briefly familiarize yourself with the teams prior to kickoff. Just a friendly suggestion.

Les Miles

Do we need to say anything more?

Mississippi State

Remember when the Bulldogs were a Top Ten team?


Even when they win, they lose. A come-from behind 55-48 win over Troy? Smells like Ball State 2007 to me...

Southern Cal

It's one thing to allow a 300 yard passer...but a 300 yard rusher as well? Seems to me that if you score 51 points in a football game, you should win.


I'm not going to separate these two stinkers; if you stayed up for some bizarre reason to watch this crap on Friday night, you either (a) had insomnia or (b) are a glutton for punishment. These teams combined for eight turnovers, plus four more fumbles they recovered themselves. Oh, and 168 yards of penalties.


Another Rout 66 for UCLA. This game wasn't as close as the score indicated.


In a game where Florida only won by seven points, you think that maybe James Franklin's four interceptions might have made a difference? Yeah, me too.


Remember back when some people thought if Iowa could somehow upset Michigan State, the Hawkeyes could somehow start the season 10-0 and challenge for the Big Ten's west division title as a darkhorse? Yeah, we thought that was pretty funny then...and effin' hilarious now.


Just when you think the Buffies have hit rock bottom, the bottom falls out and they sink further. Against Stanford, Colorado amassed 76 yards of offense. For the entire game, mind you. Let's compare that total to Taylor Martinez, who went 71 yards on one single play against Michigan State.